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In A (Brown-Sugar-Encrusted) Nutshell

Merry late-Christmas-almost-New-Year’s!!!We had a VERY busy week last week, with trying to get all our contractors in and out and done before Christmas.  With one exception, we succeeded!  The bathroom floor got tiled and grouted, the vanity got completely installed, the plumbing was all hooked up, and we *mostly* moved back into our closet and bathroom.  As of Christmas Eve, we still did not have mirrors, so I was still using the guest bath for things like makeup and hair etc, but for the most part we were out of the way when my mom arrived for Christmas festivities!Christmas was lovely!  Both our families are in different towns from us, so every year we have to get a little creative.  This year my mom visited for Christmas Eve and Christmas, and then on Sunday she headed home and we went to Hubby’s parents’ house a few hours away for the second Christmas.  Hubby has a very large family, so they’d already celebrated (mostly) but it was a nice holiday visit anyway.Since I haven’t show…

Bathroom Light Fixtures: A Review

Way back in early November, I started my hunt for bathroom light fixtures.  Right around that same time, incidentally, CSN Stores asked me to review a product from one of their extensive websites.It worked out perfectly!I found *exactly* what I was looking for at CSN, and I’m very happy to be reviewing it now for you!We picked out the Vaxcel Vine Vanity Light in Oil Shale from are very similar to some at Home Depot, but the Home Depot version was too long….and this one was just right, at 18”.  One of the greatest things about the CSN websites is you can set a ton of different criteria so you don’t have to filter through hundreds of options that don’t work for whatever reason.And here they are on the wall, lit up for the world to see!!!  (Bathroom is still only partially finished…)The fixture is rated for up to 100 watts, and we put 75W bulbs in them.  The only downside so far is I had to tape around the base of the fixture when I painted over a patched area of dry…

Update aka ‘Bout Dang Time

Wow I have a lot of updating to do on our bathroom project!How about some pictures to get started?Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:Needless to say, as you will see in all these pictures….the drywall is up Also…The trim is back up in the bedroom and closetThe bathroom has been painted (but needs a second coat …)The closet has been painted and the new clothes rod is almost finishedNow we have working electrical outlets!  And light fixtures!We installed the concrete board on the floor in preparation for the tile:And we have the bottom portion of our vanity installed, with the countertop sitting in place (but not yet glued on):Whoo hoo!BUTAlmost every one of those things I just mentioned has a “but” that goes with it.The light fixtures are in place, but the drywall needed to be patched, so now I need to prime and paint around the fixtures where the new drywall is.  It was just patched yesterday, so I’m on the 24-hour wait before I can go  prime it. Um… then an hour before I can paint…

Bathroom Remodel 101

As I prepare to discard my bathroom planning materials, I thought I’d lead you through some of the planning process.  And the huge stack of brochures necessary for that task!  I hate to get rid of them without at least some fanfare.Here’s part of the pile….I almost needed a briefcase or a tote bag or something just to haul all these suckers around!We started (months ago) by picking up a brochure at Home Depot for a line of pre-made cabinets.  It’s a cool concept, because you can piece together various sizes for whatever total length you need.  We thought we’d be going with a 24” vanity, an 18” drawer bank, and a 24” vanity which would have given us a total 66” long vanity.But…Once we had decided on a new layout and gotten the contractor’s blessing that it was doable, well, those cabinets suddenly didn’t work anymore.  Why?Because the real measurement needed to be 65” long.Whoops.Luckily, our contractor knows a great cabinet guy who could make us the exact size vanity we needed, with t…

Bathroom Update! And more!

Whew!  I’ve been out of blogging commission for a while it seems!  This past weekend was major catch up time.We got our vanity top ordered, finally.We explored tile options and realized how disappointing the tile aisle is at Home Depot and Lowe’s.  And the big news is our second building inspection (the first inspector – a substitute for the regular guy- laid some very unreasonable demands on the table) was a success, and now we can move forward with drywall in the new bathroom.Here’s where we’re at:Looking from the bedroom, into the bathroom, through the future shower cubby:The newly insulated shower wall:The wiring for the new dedicated “shower light”":Some paint splotches of a color that actually will end up in the bedroom, so I’m not even sure why I kept putting it on the bathroom wall… what do you think?  The darker or the lighter one?The view from the bathroom into the newly expanded closet (you can see the stripe on the floor where the old wall was):One of the new light fi…

Christmas Décor!

Is coming!  I promise.  It’s been crazy and tonight is only the second night I’ll be in my own bed since last Tuesday.  I had a very unexpected and short notice business trip that was supposed to end last night, but a flight connection was missed and I found myself getting up at 4 am to catch the 6 am flight back home.  Plus, the par-tay all night in the next hotel room over from mine made it even more fun to get up at 4.  BUTI have bathroom updates to show you…Christmas décor to get out (and fall décor to put away!)…Exterior lights will probably go up this weekend….And I’m sure the list goes on…stay tuned.

Busy Busy Busy

It’s Thanksgiving week.And I feel so busy!Our master bath is still rough plumbing and 2x4s….I’ve got some cookin’ to do.  Ok, just one casserole, but still.  It’s on the list!I went somewhere at lunch today…my car died three times.  Fabulous.  I’m embarking on some DIY car repair tonight.  Wish me luck.  I hope it solves the problem.  Gotta travel halfway across the country for work on Monday morning.  Found out about it …yesterday.  ugh.The electrician is coming tomorrow.  At 7:30.  In the morning.We leave tomorrow night for Thanksgiving #1.  Then we leave Friday morning for Thanksgiving #2.  Fun fun fun.Busy busy busy.

Construction Update

As of today, both our heat registers and the vent from the downstairs bathroom have been rerouted.It did look like this:And now:We also have a drain for the new shower:And the toilet plumbing has been relocated (turns out he didn’t need to cut into the laundry room ceiling either!):And the bedroom heat register which found itself UNDER the new framing was also relocated:Making progress!!!  There’s more plumbing to be done tomorrow.  Then no more work until next week when Mr. Electrician comes on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, our vanity is being made (we chose knotty alder with a walnut stain).  Sometime this week, I’ll make the final decision on the faucets (need to make a trip to the plumbing supply house) and then this weekend we’ll get our vanity/sinks and tile ordered.  We’re going with a black solid surface vanity top with undermount sinks.A little more info on the vanity top if you’re interested:We initially were going to go with the new “hi def” laminate that looks like stone.  We like …

Master Bath: Demolition!

Over the weekend, we went from this:The closet, with one section of drywall removed.Looking into the bathroom from the closet.  Flooring has been removed (a strip of carpet covers the sticky adhesive and makes the floor tolerable to walk on.)To THIS:New and improved!!  NOT.  The bathtub and old vinyl surround were installed pre-sheetrock, so the tub in this picture is actually stuck until those studs come down.  We learned a LOT about plumbing this weekend.  I won’t mention the hairball that became our “cheerleader”.  Oh wait, I just did.  Well, thank me for not taking a picture of it. The closet, complete with a mile of cable.  The “cable” cable comes down from the attic.  But we don’t use cable, so the line from our satellite dish comes in along the baseboards on the other side of the closet.  Yay.  Cords.  At least they’re usually attached nicely to the wall.Anyone want some 12-year old cream colored carpeting?  We’ll even throw in the pad FOR FREE And now the pros can handle the …