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Spring Snow

Outside, it looks like this: But luckily, inside looks like this: Looks like a sweet pea to me!And another one! (A blurry sweet pea.)And the alyssum in the background is going gangbusters.  As soon as it warms up again…we’ll be ready :)

Mid-Week Rambles

No fun projects to report here. I watered my “seven new perennials” today. Does that count?Ok. I guess I was fishing for some ‘cred.I also stomped all over the fluffy areas of the weed mat where the weeds are growing underneath. Hopefully they’ll get the hint, but I’m not holding my breath. This weekend will be relatively uneventful. I’m looking forward to it. At the very minimum, I need to make sure I get some more mulch spread in the front yard and get that finished up.Or else I’ll dwell on it alllllll next week. I think I also need to bust out the Round Up and show the weeds growing in the rocks on the side of the house that I’M IN CHARGE. Otherwise….well, they’ll definitely be in charge. (These are different weeds than the pests under the weed mat, sadly.)Getting the rest of the baseboards back on will also be a priority. I’d like the new floor project to be done with. Missing baseboards just look so glaringly unfinished.It’s rainy and windy here tonight, and it’s supp…

Adventures in Homeownership

We got some things done over the weekend.Hubby fixed Leak #1 in the dishwasher. Then, after the dishwasher sprung Leak #2, he fixed that one too. He also busted his tail to paint the baseboards in the living room and reinstall them. Now we just have to paint and reinstall the dining room baseboards, touch up the wall paint in the living room, and caulk all the way around. (This picture shows where the old hardwood used to be. It was thicker than the carpet, so the baseboards actually slanted upwards to get to the proper height. This is the worst area in need of touching up.)Our old laminate flooring was adopted off the floor of our garage by its new owner! Hubby’s car now fits in the garage again. I also bought more seeds (pole beans and jalapenos) . I’m growing marigolds, a few nasturtiums (only three out of 12 came up?), alyssum, sweet peas, and now jalapeno peppers inside. The marigolds and nasturtiums are companion plants for the veggie garden. I soaked the sweet peas over…

Renovation Realities

Has anyone seen that show? Where nothing goes right? And the simplest task seems to open a can of worms?WELL!Remember how I said the remaining items on our list to have the floor “completely done” included installing the new dishwasher? And remember why we bought a new dishwasher to begin with? (Because the old one required a bowl underneath)
WELL!Here we go... (Tutorial on plumbing coming up! Learn from us Peeps!)In a nutshell, we cheaped out and decided to install the dishwasher ourselves and save some money. We bought the special $20 GE installation kit (with the new connectors and water intake hose).Apparently there are two ways to install the drain hose from your dishwasher to the actual plumbing under the sink. One way (the one that makes the most sense to me) is to attach the hose to a special place on the garbage disposal so that your dishwasher water actually drains through the disposal. This makes sense…..right? Because then any food particles will be subject to the …

We Have a New Floor!

There is still some put-away/put-back to do. And we’re dishwasher-less until tonight when the new one is delivered and installed (and the old one taken away!). And we still need to put the dining room and living room baseboards back on. I can’t wait to have a quiet dishwasher!!But despite those little things, the big stuff is done! Here are some before pictures real quick:My cute little spring to some ugly carpet!
My baby gate project marking the boundary between the old laminate and the old nasty carpet...
Various shots of the pretty new peninsula...but I promise it's prettier with the new floor...!
And now for the AFTER pictures! YAY!Disregard the junk on the counter please :)Floor Installer Guy thought quarter round would look good here. I agree! (And one less baseboard to paint!) Need to rearrange a little in here and find a little plant-stand type of table for the lamp currently hanging out on the couch (couch potato). Hobby Lobby here I come…. (the old ta…

Progress Looks Like…

And we’re pooped.  Right now the living room floor is being installed and we can move furniture back and put the oven back where it belongs tonight :) The new dishwasher is delivered tomorrow!