April 20, 2010

Progress Looks Like…


IMG_1708IMG_1710IMG_1714  IMG_1717IMG_1719IMG_1704IMG_1720

And we’re pooped.  Right now the living room floor is being installed and we can move furniture back and put the oven back where it belongs tonight :)

The new dishwasher is delivered tomorrow!


  1. Ohhhhhhh....hurray for you guys! The final pieces of our flooring are just being laid and I can't wait to run a broom over them and take some pictures....yours look super fantastic...I bet you are tired:)

  2. That floor is so beautiful. I bet you are just dieing. I love the color, so rich. Alot of hard work, but so worth it.

  3. I love the color! It's just beautiful and you'll be so happy with it. And very easy care...my kind of floor! :)


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