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A “New” Buffet – Getting Started

Several months ago, in oh…about May…. I had been keeping a close eye on Craigslist for a buffet or hutch for a certain spot in our dining room.  It had to be a smaller sized piece so it could fit nicely without extending under our pony wall.Well I finally found one!  We rented the Home Depot truck and picked it up.  I should’ve looked it over more closely when we picked it up and probably negotiated the price.  The thing is abso-stinkin-lutely-filthy!  And it has a couple of minor cracks here and there.  But we were on the Home Depot clock with that truck, so I was in a rush. Here are the two pieces showing how functional they are ;) Actually, the buffet does have some neat stuff going on, as far as functionality goes.  The skinny pull out thing at the top there pulls out to extend the serving area.  And the two cupboards, two drawers, and the nifty wine racks are all nice storage features as well.  I plan to get some glass cut for those doors, too.It sat in our garage until last week…

DIY Cabinet Upgrade Part III – DONE!

Done!Finis! (Disclaimer:  Subject to future glazing if I decide to go that route.  :)) In Part I, I installed the crown molding.In Part II, we sanded, primed, and painted the cabinet boxes.Somewhere in between Part II and Part III, I installed the last piece of decorative trim, and sanded, primed, and painted the doors over a couple of weekends.  And our kitchen has been transformed from this (last July when we moved in):To THIS!Whoo to the HOO!  It’s done and it feels so good to have a “brand new” kitchen :)  I just get the feeling of CLEAN and BRIGHT and CHEERY and HERB-EY COTTAGE-GARDEN-EY GOODNESS about our new space, and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.Y’all get what I’m saying?I know you do!Edit:  I’ve gotten a lot of questions on this project, so now there’s an FAQ post as well. I’m linked up this week to:The Shabby NestKeeping it SimpleThe Girl CreativeTools are for Women Too!Transformation ThursdayThrifty Decor Chick – Before and After PartyPlease stop by these sites and…

Back in the Saddle

Got home from my business trip last night at about 11.Then the stupid decorative thing fell off the blinds downstairs at some point in the middle of the night and made a huge racket.  (Dag-nabbed decorative things!  The clips that are supposed to hold those things up there DON’T WORK and I’m constantly messing with that stupid top piece because it’s always crashing to the floor.)So I’m pretty tired but glad to be home.  It was 107 degrees where I was.  YUCK.  Like walking into an oven whenever you go outside.  Our kitchen cabinet painting project is coming along….We have the drawer fronts back on and a few doors back up (umm…9 out of 17) and our kitchen is looking better!  I’ll put the final coat of paint on a few more doors tonight.  I also got the decorative trim installed last weekend.  Here’s a little teaser shot for ya :)While I worked on the kitchen, Hubby was being an angel and moving the final pieces of edging along the side “border” of our backyard (in about 100 degree heat).…

Little Buggers!

Someone…. has been eating my lilies!
Yesterday I mentioned that my red border lilies were finally blooming.   Well, I ended up with another batch of the same bulbs, which I planted in the back garden (much later than the first batch).
That back-garden-batch is now coming up.
And being promptly eaten.

Sorry bout the fuzzy pictures.  It’s really hard to get a clean shot without the flash when there’s nothing to rest against (the ground was a little muddy).
My mom suspects aphids.  I see slugs in the garden here and there, so I’m worried maybe they could be the culprit too. 

Strategy….a two-pronged attack. 
Part I….
Background… Mom recommends a spray bottle mixture of soapy water to combat aphids.  Action Item…Mixed it up at lunch yesterday.  Doused the plants! Evaluation… Pending.  (No additional munch damage as of this morning.) Part II…
Background…Slugs are boozers.  They like beer. Action Item….Make a beer trap.  I’ve heard butter containers work well….but I had an almost-empty yogurt container…

A Yard in Progress

In the front yard, my “red border lilies” are finally blooming!And in the backyard….The grass is still filling in on the right side – we haven’t mowed it so it will get very tall and continue seeding the area, so it doesn’t exactly look *good* yet:The lilac is planted and now I just need to get some mulch:(Sharing its little area are some white alyssum as a border and two extra jalapeno plants that aren’t doing anything.)The clematis continues to be appreciative of his new growing space:   The newly seeded left side of the lawn is starting to grow and fill in (we still need to move the edging though):The vegetable garden is literally spilling over its edges (because of the tomatoes in the little tomato cages – I should’ve known those small cages would be worthless.)And some of the other perennials etc I’ve planted are doing fairly well (you can see the tall lilies bloomed and they are yellow!  They have very pretty blooms that sort of hang and point down at the ground).  Also toward t…

Cabinet Update Etc.

Remember this?It still looks like that for the most part :)  But… we did make some progress on the doors this past weekend.  To be precise, they are now sanded, primed and waiting for paint.  Once they are painted, I’ll reinstall them and install a final piece of decorative trim.  Then I’ll have to decide whether I’m going to do a distressing treatment on them or not.  So far I really like the clean look of the new paint without any treatment, but the trim has some pretty detail that I’d like to be more prominent, so we’ll see.And remember that piece of Craigslist furniture I’ve mentioned  few times?  Last time I mentioned it, it was facing the garage wall and I couldn’t get a picture.But now we’re using it to prop up cabinet doors, so here it is!There’s the bottom half (the buffet, I call it):And here’s the hutch, which I don’t plan to use inside right away:Cool, huh?   It needs some attention, and it’ll be the next ‘big’ project to do.  The whole thing looks pretty dirty, though I c…