Cheap Decor: Hairy Green Apples



Eastern Kansas has a built-in cheap (read: FREE) decor machine.

It’s called a Hedge Tree.  Or some such.

It produces what looks like a green apple….


But it’s not a green apple.  And it’s certainly not edible!


In fact, up close it looks like a bumpy green apple with little hairs sticking out all over.


We rounded up a handful of these so-called “Hedge Balls” and brought them home with us.  Airport security must see people taking these things home all the time, because they didn’t bat an eye :)

And the hedge balls found a new home at our house:


  IMG_2099  IMG_2101

At least until they get rotten.  Which might be soon?  Or not?  They’re a total mystery!

But they’re cool looking….and they were free… we’ll just have to wait and see how long they last!

Happy Monday all!


  1. Haha! Oh yes, good ol' hedge apples. There are several huge trees down the street that drop their free decor all over the place. It's kind of a mess! I'll have to pick some up this year. I've heard that they supposedly keep spiders away. I don't know if that's true.

    Where were you in eastern KS? We live in KC, which is about as far east as you can get!

  2. We were in Tecumseh/Topeka/Potwin :) It's so hard to know when you're in the city or in the country since there is so much vegetation and open space everywhere.

  3. Wow, I want some of those. Never seen anything like those before. You would pay alot of money for their look alike though. You will have to let us know what they do, if they rot or something. Pretty cool.

  4. I live in wamego ks! Wow. Small world.
    The balls keep flies away too.


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