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Got Weeds?

Because we have several large patches of bare dirt in our backyard (in various places), we have several large patches of weeds.  I don’t mind pulling the bigger weeds, but sometimes there are a lot of small ones, and they are a pain to pull.

So I thought I’d share with you a little trick to kill large patches of weeds without a lot of effort…and no…it doesn’t involve Round-Up :)

I did this just over the weekend because I will leave it through the winter and hopefully have some nice, somewhat-amended dirt in the spring – weed free of course!

First – the weeds.
Next: some compost.  I sifted this through my little compost screen.  You could also use grass clippings or mulch as well. 

Then:  lay down newspaper, at least 4 pages thick.  Cover all weeds and overlap the edges.  Then soak it with the hose.  The idea here is to smother the weeds.

Finally, cover up your newspaper with compost/mulch/grass clippings/etc at least 2-3 inches thick.  This is an in-progress picture – you’ll want to co…

Compost 101

As we get into fall, and we have leaves to rake, lawns to mow (still), and gardens to trim up for winter, it’s the perfect time to be thinking about compost.  If you’re new to compost, you’re probably thinking, “Disgusting!  Who wants a stinking pile of garbage in their yard?”

Well, don’t worry.  Compost doesn’t stink, (unless you have your face all up in it!) and if it does stink noticeably, you can fix it.

When making compost, the thing to remember is to mix “browns” with “greens”.  Leaves are “browns” and grass clippings are “greens” …so in the fall, we automatically have the right stuff to get a nice pile going.

I know there’s some recommended mixing ratio, like 2 to 1 or some such, but in general, if you mix the pile with a little more browns than greens, you’ll be fine.

Alright, now that you know you’ll have everything you need to get a pile going this fall, let’s go back to the beginning.


You don’t need a compost bin.  They’re handy, but not necessary.  You can easily…

Kitchen Accessories

I finally got around to accessorizing in the kitchen!  For a whole year after moving in, I didn’t even think about doing cute things in there because I knew I wanted to paint the walls, cabinets, etc.
But now those things are done, and I’m free to decorate :)
I stopped by the ReStore, Hobby Lobby, and Goodwill the other day and found some serious treasure.  I didn’t even redo any of it, I liked everything so much.  Add that to a couple of finds from Tuesday Morning, and it looks like a welcoming and warm living space.
Above the cabinets is where most of the decor is.  I don’t want the counters to get too cluttered because it just makes them harder to wipe off.  I’m already annoyed by the toaster that sits out and looks all crumby (ha – get it!)   I wish I had a corner cabinet to put an appliance garage under, but our corner cabinet is the cheap kind - a huge rectangle box that goes waaaay back into the corner.
My general thought on kitchen decor was to lean toward a certain color sche…

A New Tree! & Garden Update

Remember this guy?Well, luckily we bought it from a nursery that guarantees its trees for one year.  And they brought us a new one over the weekend!The planting hole last fall was the usual 3’x3’x3’size, backfilled with new (good) dirt, versus the concrete-like clay everywhere else back there.  So pulling the old one out and putting the new one in was much easier this time around. Like 1 hour versus 3 evenings easier.And since I’ve planted a few new things….put in a flagstone path….the plants are all starting to take off, and I probably won’t do anything else with the yard this summer,  I’ll take you on a before-and-after tour :)  “Before” is Spring 2010.The right side:BeforeAfter:A lilac flanked by some annual alyssum and two extra jalapeno plants.Grass seed SLOWLY filling in up to the moved edging.The back area Before:After:  The new tree with a little berm around it for watering purposes.  The weird left side Before:After:A perennial species of clematis (versus a vine) and ornament…