August 25, 2010

Kitchen Accessories

I finally got around to accessorizing in the kitchen!  For a whole year after moving in, I didn’t even think about doing cute things in there because I knew I wanted to paint the walls, cabinets, etc.
But now those things are done, and I’m free to decorate :)
I stopped by the ReStore, Hobby Lobby, and Goodwill the other day and found some serious treasure.  I didn’t even redo any of it, I liked everything so much.  Add that to a couple of finds from Tuesday Morning, and it looks like a welcoming and warm living space.
Above the cabinets is where most of the decor is.  I don’t want the counters to get too cluttered because it just makes them harder to wipe off.  I’m already annoyed by the toaster that sits out and looks all crumby (ha – get it!)   I wish I had a corner cabinet to put an appliance garage under, but our corner cabinet is the cheap kind - a huge rectangle box that goes waaaay back into the corner.
My general thought on kitchen decor was to lean toward a certain color scheme of greens, reds, browns, and whites.  And, since those colors remind me of a country style rooster image, rooster and chicken designs were my secondary goal (but I’m not saying that too loudly because I have witnessed the avalanche of pigs that descended on my mom’s kitchen after she decided she was decorating with pigs!!!) 
First, an “old” sign I found at Tuesday Morning for $5:
Naturally, I thought it should go near the coffee maker.  And a super cute little ceramic-and-tin chicken that I picked up from the 80% off aisle at Hobby Lobby (for $2.99!) just rounded out the area perfectly.  (Plus, the chicken’s ceramic is nice and easy to wipe off, which is a must with it placed near the stove.)

IMG_2510  IMG_2513  
In that same trip to Hobby Lobby, I also found a wrought iron and crystal taper candle holder.  Right now, it’s keeping the knife block company.  I really love the combination of rustic + sparkle, and this fits the bill.
Now for the ReStore and Goodwill finds!
A cute plaque:

And a plaque, sculpture thing,  some bird themed items, and a neat old copper teapot:
And finally, the beautiful sterling silver tray from my grandma’s silver tea set:
IMG_2533 The wine bottle and urn are afterthoughts.  They still need some help ;)
And a little mish-mash “vignette” (uh, pile?) that includes some plants and another Tuesday Morning find.  I know it’s fall-ish, but I really like it, so it’ll just be the first taste of fall decor in our house :)
          IMG_2528  IMG_2530
For those of you who never find anything good at thrift stores….keep looking! 
Have a great day!


  1. Oh my heck! I am one who never finds anything at thrift stores. I can't believe you got most of that there. So cute. Can you believe what a difference that made? Accessorizing is important.

  2. By the way, love the new blog look? So cute.

  3. Great finds Katie, your kitchen is looking good. Your new look is fantastic. xx


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