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I thought we’d all appreciate a change-up from the dark, filtered-light-in-a-forest-clearing design I had been using.  So now it’ll be fresh-and-clean for a while before I get the autumn bug and change it up again :P

I don’t have much to report since we were at the lake all last week, but…

Well, let’s see…..

  • The buffet is almost done….!  Another day or two and it will look AHMAZING! 
  • I tried wakeboarding at the lake last week and….uh….failed :)  Just a tidbit for ya.  When I was a kid, the very first time I tried waterskiing, everyone said, “No matter what you do, don’t let go.”  So I followed those instructions and got dragged around the lake for a while on my belly.  Not fun.  Wakeboarding last week was the first time in….20 years or so….that I’ve been willing to try it again.
  • Have I mentioned that I laid down a flagstone path in our back garden?  It looks SO pretty.  I’ll show you after we get our replacement linden tree planted this weekend.

Sad Linden

  • I made some amazing salsa the other day from the huge bowls of cherry tomatoes I had sitting around.  It is SO good!  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.


Have a great day!



  1. Love your new design. I have to make some salsa, and would be interested in your recipe. See you tomorrow.

  2. I had to go take a picture of the salsa before I devour it so I actually have something to show tomorrow!

  3. I love love LOVE the new design! So light & fresh! Sorry I'm a few days behind on my blog reader but this is just so great I had to comment!


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