August 6, 2010

Weekend Update


My little car got fixed today.  Bad corrosion on a battery terminal had damaged the battery cable beyond repair, which then damaged the battery.  After a new battery and cable, my car is back to it’s perky little self.  The service center even washed it for me. 

It was the most expensive carwash….EVER.  And my first experience with a tow truck.  Ug.

I won’t go into how if someone had mentioned the corrosion to me two weeks ago when my car was getting an oil change, this may have been averted…. =(

And now, after a day of running around, making homemade salsa (second attempt – this one turned out great!), making more progress on the buffet, Round-Up-ing weeds, and doing lots of laundry, we’re almost ready to leave tomorrow to head to the Lake. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous week :)

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