September 9, 2010

Easing into Fall Decorating

During my previously-mentioned shopping spree at the dollar store last week, I spent some time in front of the floral display.  They had so much to choose from, in all colors and styles of fall flowers.
Sunflowers?  Check!
Mums?  Check!
Black-eyed susans?  Check!
Fall leaf sprays?  Check!
TONS of other styles?  Check!
My favorite fall color combination is one I still remember seeing at Target one day as a kid – it was a decor display of deep eggplant purples, rich burgundies, and rusty pumpkin oranges.  That color scheme has stuck with me, and those are the colors I use in fall decorating.
Dollar store florals are SUCH a great way to decorate (if you don’t mind the whole fake-flowers thing) because you can use them to start small, at the beginning of a season, and then gradually work your way into more decorations as the season progresses.
And let’s not forget the most important detail….THEY ARE CHEAP!
I’m a cheapskate decorator, what can I say :)
Right now, on September 9th…it seems just a little early to pull out all the stops for fall decor.  But it’s not too early to mix in some splashes of color here and there to build some excitement.
Remember this little spring mantel vignette I put together with my own pitcher, a homemade twine ball, some dollar store “florals” (ahem, they are after all little funky beady things) and some jars from Goodwill?  Well I really liked it, so it stayed all summer.
And with just a quick switch of cheapy florals, a big pine cone, and some wispy stuff, it suddenly looks a little warmer for fall.
On the other side of the mantel was this little vignette:

And after a quick swap of florals….

And the ultimate effect is….Fall-but-not-Too-Fall-Just-Quite Yet! (Obviously the sun is shining today!) :)
And finally, if you bought a few too many sprays (because come on, they’re $1 each and you never know what combinations you might need when you get home), you can put a couple in a bud vase with some filler and dress up your kitchen counter!
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  1. The Dollar Store is a treasure trove. I love finding the little things there that turn into the perfect little touch that changes the whole look of a room. Your flowers look great, and I love the color scheme you cited!

  2. I too am a huge fan of the Dollar Store! I love how you incorporated all the glass bottles and how you added ribbon to your candles. Beautiful job!


  3. A little fall just makes you feel warm and cozy, doesn't it? Love it.

  4. I love your lil' goblin darn cute!!


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