Thank You and Giveaway Results!

I was featured this week!  Kaysi at Keeping it Simple liked my 3-C Centerpiece enough to include it in her Motivate Me Monday post today.  A giant thank you to Kaysi!

And now…..What you’ve all been waiting for….<cue music>

Ha! Ok not really.  It’s pretty exciting winning something….but maybe not exciting enough for a soundtrack :)

So first, thank you to everyone who left comments and entered the giveaway for the adorable “white pumpkin”.  There were eleven comments total as of this morning, and…..


Number 4 was the winner!!!

Brooke said:  “I think I would put in on my table with some fall leaves and pinecones.

Brooke, congratulations, you just got one new piece of fall decor for the best frugal price: Free!  Shoot me an email to collect on your prize.  Have a great day everyone! 

Projects coming up this week are:  Spooky Halloween Chandelier, Easy Energy Savers, and maybe I’ll show you the Custom Ledge Shelf too.  Or not, we’ll see how it goes ;)



  1. Katie,
    How exciting! I have to say I've never won anything before, so Yay!


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