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Busy Busy Busy

It’s Thanksgiving week.And I feel so busy!Our master bath is still rough plumbing and 2x4s….I’ve got some cookin’ to do.  Ok, just one casserole, but still.  It’s on the list!I went somewhere at lunch today…my car died three times.  Fabulous.  I’m embarking on some DIY car repair tonight.  Wish me luck.  I hope it solves the problem.  Gotta travel halfway across the country for work on Monday morning.  Found out about it …yesterday.  ugh.The electrician is coming tomorrow.  At 7:30.  In the morning.We leave tomorrow night for Thanksgiving #1.  Then we leave Friday morning for Thanksgiving #2.  Fun fun fun.Busy busy busy.

Construction Update

As of today, both our heat registers and the vent from the downstairs bathroom have been rerouted.It did look like this:And now:We also have a drain for the new shower:And the toilet plumbing has been relocated (turns out he didn’t need to cut into the laundry room ceiling either!):And the bedroom heat register which found itself UNDER the new framing was also relocated:Making progress!!!  There’s more plumbing to be done tomorrow.  Then no more work until next week when Mr. Electrician comes on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, our vanity is being made (we chose knotty alder with a walnut stain).  Sometime this week, I’ll make the final decision on the faucets (need to make a trip to the plumbing supply house) and then this weekend we’ll get our vanity/sinks and tile ordered.  We’re going with a black solid surface vanity top with undermount sinks.A little more info on the vanity top if you’re interested:We initially were going to go with the new “hi def” laminate that looks like stone.  We like …

Master Bath: Demolition!

Over the weekend, we went from this:The closet, with one section of drywall removed.Looking into the bathroom from the closet.  Flooring has been removed (a strip of carpet covers the sticky adhesive and makes the floor tolerable to walk on.)To THIS:New and improved!!  NOT.  The bathtub and old vinyl surround were installed pre-sheetrock, so the tub in this picture is actually stuck until those studs come down.  We learned a LOT about plumbing this weekend.  I won’t mention the hairball that became our “cheerleader”.  Oh wait, I just did.  Well, thank me for not taking a picture of it. The closet, complete with a mile of cable.  The “cable” cable comes down from the attic.  But we don’t use cable, so the line from our satellite dish comes in along the baseboards on the other side of the closet.  Yay.  Cords.  At least they’re usually attached nicely to the wall.Anyone want some 12-year old cream colored carpeting?  We’ll even throw in the pad FOR FREE And now the pros can handle the …

It’s Snowing! Snowflakes and Sheetrock

We got our first snow last night!  Average first snow for our area is October 19th…so we’re a little overdue.And, since we’re still on track to start our bathroom/closet remodel next week, we got started on some demo last night as well.Because we’re still using our bedroom and our bathroom (we’ll move out of them officially in the next few days), we only demo’d the inside wall of the closet, to contain some of the dust and get our feet wet.  We’ve never demolished anything before   It’s pretty fun!We also took up the carpet in the closet as well as the adhesive tile in the bathroom.  The tile left some very sticky residue, so we used a strip of the old carpet on the floor.  We may need to get some adhesive remover…we’re not sure yet if it’s safe to tile over stickiness. Does anyone know?We’re still waiting on a revised bid, since we changed one aspect of the reno, but that should come in soon.  The contractor is still planning to start next week, so I guess that’s a sign he’ll have th…

Monday Musings

Ahhh our front yard has that lovely sweet fall smell of rotten leaves.  Sounds gross, smells good Has anyone ever tried using a leaf blower toBlow shredded bark mulch out of areas it shouldn’t be (like out of the rock mulch)?  Blow leaves out of shredded bark mulch areas? Has anyone ever tried renting a leaf blower?  Obviously, I’m thinking of trying out a leaf blower for a couple different purposes but I don’t really want to buy one before I know whether it works for the uses I mentioned above.Our weather is supposed to be 73 degrees and sunny today.  Barf!  Fall is not supposed to be 73 degrees.  And you already know that I don’t like sunny fall days either.  Wind, clouds, rain…I’ll take any of those over sun in the months of October-January.We need to figure out what we’re doing for Thanksgiving.Did I tell you about the tree protector/cage we had to rig up last weekend?  We were diligently watering our newly replaced tree (making every possible effort to keep this one alive becaus…

Ugly Brass Lamps Repurposed

Got ugly brass lamps lying around? You probably don’t. But I bet you’ve seen plenty of them at the thrift store!  I see them at Goodwill ALL.the.time and I’ve wondered what I could do with them….. They look a little like a candle holder, don’t they?  And they’re always priced to sell. So….. I finally just dove right in and spent $2 on a brass lamp to see what I could do. Got it home and unscrewed all the pieces.  Threw out the light socket, cord, and shade support. This particular lamp body (maybe all of them?) actually came apart in…about 12 pieces.  So I rearranged on the rod them in the order I thought they would look most candle-holder-like :) Beautiful. Not. Had to go buy a new nut to secure the rod from the top (since it only had a nut on the bottom after I tossed the unnecessary lamp hardware).
Before the rod was secured with the second nut. Glued the top piece of brass to a glass candle dish I already had (using Gorilla Glue, then I used a razor to remove the portions that squished out …

The Christmas Rats

MerryChristmas?Meet our “Christmas rats”.  They’ve prompted a few giggles and questions from our friends lately, so before I put them away, I thought I’d just get the story out in the open so everyone knows. :)A loooong time ago, I was in Wal-Mart with my mom.  I was hanging out in the Halloween aisle, looking at all the cool stuff, when I noticed a scary white Halloween rat buried under the costumes and masks.  I thought it was the COOLEST decoration EVER.  Only problem was…it was the only one on the shelf, and it didn’t have a price tag.We called an employee over to help us figure out what the price was.  He didn’t know and he couldn’t figure it out, so we took it to the register, where the cashier suggested a price.  I don’t remember exactly what the price was, but I’m pretty sure it was around $2, which I thought was just a total STEAL for such a COOL rat!  My mom was totally thrilled.  thrilled.White Rat came home with us and decorated our entry way for several Halloweens after t…

Halloween – A Retrospect

We actually had to come up with costumes this year for a Halloween party on Saturday night.  The party’s theme was “Heroes & Villains” so we came up with this:A detective and a ‘cat burglar’!  But to really get the reference, notice the huge pink “diamond” ring I’m wearing….NONE of our friends got it, because apparently we’re the only ones who’ve seen any of the Pink Panther movies.  We were not just ANY detective and cat burglar…..we were Inspector Clouseau and the jewel thief who stole the Pink Panther diamond!The costumes were pretty easy – all black clothes for me, plus the plastic diamond ring, the stuffed cat (Goodwill), and a mask painted on with face paint.   Then I put a black belt with it and went around the house looking for stuff to attach to the belt to make it a "utility belt”.  I ended up with a flashlight, a bit of wire, a multi-tool, and our camera all attached to my belt :)  Who needs a purse?For the Hubster, we found a trench coat at Goodwill, a bucket hat …