November 15, 2010

Master Bath: Demolition!


Over the weekend, we went from this:

The closet, with one section of drywall removed.

Looking into the bathroom from the closet.  Flooring has been removed (a strip of carpet covers the sticky adhesive and makes the floor tolerable to walk on.)



New and improved!!  NOT.  The bathtub and old vinyl surround were installed pre-sheetrock, so the tub in this picture is actually stuck until those studs come down.  We learned a LOT about plumbing this weekend.  I won’t mention the hairball that became our “cheerleader”.  Oh wait, I just did.  Well, thank me for not taking a picture of it. Winking smile


The closet, complete with a mile of cable.  The “cable” cable comes down from the attic.  But we don’t use cable, so the line from our satellite dish comes in along the baseboards on the other side of the closet.  Yay.  Cords.  At least they’re usually attached nicely to the wall.


Anyone want some 12-year old cream colored carpeting?  We’ll even throw in the pad FOR FREE Winking smile


And now the pros can handle the hard stuff.  I think I hear a Saws-all right now!


  1. I'm so jealous. I was going to tear out my bathroom this weekend too! I love the smell of freshly pulled up old carpet. But alas, it didn't happen and I'm doing other things instead. One of these days.

  2. How exciting! You know from here it can only get better, right? I hate to be in the middle of remodeling but it is always worth it.
    Glad you didn't show the hair ball. Ha.


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