Ugly Brass Lamps Repurposed

Got ugly brass lamps lying around?
You probably don’t.
But I bet you’ve seen plenty of them at the thrift store!  I see them at Goodwill ALL.the.time and I’ve wondered what I could do with them…..
They look a little like a candle holder, don’t they?  And they’re always priced to sell.
I finally just dove right in and spent $2 on a brass lamp to see what I could do.
Got it home and unscrewed all the pieces.  Threw out the light socket, cord, and shade support.
This particular lamp body (maybe all of them?) actually came apart in…about 12 pieces.  So I rearranged on the rod them in the order I thought they would look most candle-holder-like :)
Beautiful. Not.
Had to go buy a new nut to secure the rod from the top (since it only had a nut on the bottom after I tossed the unnecessary lamp hardware).
Before the rod was secured with the second nut.
Glued the top piece of brass to a glass candle dish I already had (using Gorilla Glue, then I used a razor to remove the portions that squished out around the undersides.)
Glued that brass/glass piece to the top of the new candle holder, which also served to hide the rod and nut holding the rest of the pieces together.
Took the whole thing outside and primed and spray-painted it along with my refurbished tray
How lovely the garden is this time of year.  When it’s 70 degrees out in November and all the plants are confused.
The lamp-turned-candlestick actually turned out pretty well!
Here it is with the other Goodwill candle holder I found, dressing up the inside of our TV hutch:

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for matching lamps now that I know they turn out pretty cute!
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  1. What a fabulous idea! Love it and it turned out really well.

  2. I have to say I was skeptical. But I think it turned out great. I thought you were just going to use it as a lamp again. Great idea, to change it up.

  3. Love it! And you are so funny too!

  4. Stopping in from We Can Do It Cheaper! You know, I've often wondered what could be done with those old ugly lamps! Thanks for the idea! They turned out fabulous!!


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