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Master Bath Update: Stuck like a pig in a poke.

I’m not really sure what a poke is, actually, but the fact is that we’re temporarily stuck on the shower tiling project.We got the grouting done.  Then we got most of the caulking done…And then we ran out of caulk.  I ran to the store to get another tube of “Sanded DeLorean Grey” caulk, only to find that particular color of sanded caulk is the *only* color HD was out of!  But the ever-so-helpful associate reassured me there were 23 tubes of it at a store in a neighboring town.Gee, thanks.Nick actually works in said-neighboring-town, so I came home empty handed and we planned for him to pick up a tube on his way home from work today.The catch?We got freezing rain last night, the streets look like an ice skating rink, and Nick’s whole office was instructed to work from home.  To make it even more fun, it’s now snowing.  (For those of you in warmer climates, snow on top of ice = some slick donuts and other tricks to impress your mom or wreck your car…or both.) Would you believe that it w…

A Quick Fix for Under-sink Organization

I was thinking recently that I’d like to replace the over-the-door organizer basket on the kitchen sink cupboard door…with a mounted version.After painting our kitchen cabinets, maybe I’m just a *leettle* paranoid that they’ll get dinged up/dirty?  Or that they’ll look less than amazing with little metal tabs  from an organizer sticking out over the top of a door?  And isn’t it funny how an offhand thought of “someday I should…” can suddenly just happen?While getting some caulk (ahem, “sanded” caulk, no less) this weekend for the shower project, we happened to walk down the closet organizer aisle at Home Depot where Nick saw a perfect, mountable organizer basket for the cupboard door!For a big fat $7 smackeroos, wouldn’t you know, it just jumped right into our cart.But when I got it home, I realized the door panel was too thin to support any length of screw, let alone the half-inch screws that came with the organizer.My idea was squashed.  The organizer sat moodily on the counter for …

In Case There’s Any Doubt…

Our backyard is the neighborhood litter box.  That’s Penny.  She doesn’t go outside because she’s a ‘fraidy cat.  (And I’m a ‘fraidy cat she’ll get eaten or run over.)  But you get the gist.I think it’s because we’re the only house in the immediate vicinity without a dog. Regardless of *why* the yard has turned into a kitty-toilet, let’s say it just makes for some interesting “finds” while gardening.+=In case anyone thinks maybe I’m exaggerating *just a little*, I happened to look out the window yesterday, and I RAN for my camera to catch this picture.  I tell ya – National Geographic waits for days at a time to catch shots like this…and all I have to do is glance out the window. All of these critters (minus Mr. Whitey) were making their way out of the “Litter Box” by the time I got the picture taken. The picture isn’t intended to be of the neighbor’s giant trampoline, it just happens to (somehow?) sneak into every backyard photo. (Whoops! A little snark slipped out…)Need a map?  Sinc…

Hooty Hoo! It’s Hump Day!

And that means the week is halfway over!  I live for weekends, can you tell?  Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been so busy with the last couple of weeks:That’s right, I said “weeks”.  We’ve officially spent three full weekends plus a couple hours every evening on this shower project.  BUT…Tonight we will set the very last row of tiles!  Tomorrow night, we’ll grout!  The night after that, we’ll caulk (I think.)  Once the caulk is dry, we’ll install our showerhead and our shower will be functioning again!  And it’s going to look SO.GOOD.  Just you wait – there’s a big fat before-and-after post coming up.That also means that hopefully next week we’ll get the final building inspection and wrap up the bathroom project for goodsies!I’m feeling a little overly excited.  Actually, I can tell I’m slip-sliding-away into the dark and shadowy brain-mush days of spring fever, when my motivation to get off my butt is directly related to the amount of green vegetation on the ground.  And that woul…

How to Decorate a Bathroom

Ever since this time last year, when I did a second coat of paint in our downstairs bathroom (same color, just covering up the thin spots) and painted the ceiling to let the crown molding pop, I’ve been needing to decorate in there. 
I originally put up an existing decoration we got as a wedding present and found a pretty bowl to hold the extra TP:

And halfheartedly placed a votive of potpourri next to the sink (SUPERlame, I know)…

But there was still nothing on the main wall directly ahead as you walked through the door.

Well, I’m finally sick of the boring bathroom, so it was high time for some decor!
I knew I wanted
The wall art to have some vertical interest for the eye, which would effectively highlight the crown molding as a sort of "frame” for the rest of the wall
An “installation” for the long, bare wall – a montage of framed pictures, a set of three coordinating canvases…something in a group.
A bit of a nature theme, to tie it in with the rustic/cottage style décor in the…

Charming Custom ‘Vase’ Decor

Here’s a really quick, cheap and easy way to add a dash of color to your décor, in just the right size, with almost no planning and very little money (if any).  When I was a teenager and babysitting a lot, I often took craft projects with me for the kids  – and this was my go-to project because it was always a hit.  In fact, two of the “pencil holders” I made in my babysitting days graced my desk all the way through college!  I don’t need pencil holders so much anymore…so now the same craft is a ‘vase’.What can I say?  It’s a versatile project. For my red ‘vase’ above, I needed a certain size and color to fill a decorating hole.  The whole point was to meet a need without running out to the store.  I went with an old olive jar (full of fuzzy olives that had been spared the disposal for FAR too long) and some red tissue paper from the wrapping paper stash.Simple as pie: (No, simpler, definitely simpler than pie!)A clean, empty glass jar (pickle jar? mason jar? whatever you have) Tissu…