Finding My Style


Finding my style seems to be an ongoing challenge.  A lot of our house isn’t “decorated” yet because I just haven’t quite figured out what I want to do.

On one hand, I think there’s a definite rustic element in our taste – which we definitely manifested in our fireplace.  Other elements in the living room help contribute to the rustic feel as well.

On one hand, I really like cottage style – which I aimed for in the kitchen and dining room.  I also think “cottage” fits better with our home’s exterior than rustic or modern styles. 


Next, I really appreciate some elements of modern décor, which I think can add a whimsical character when mixed with more rustic elements.

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And finally, I aspire to décor that’s just a little unique and unexpected, which of course always makes me think twice when I see something interesting.

With all those decorating styles, one challenge remains.  Even if I successfully implement the look I’m going for in one room…there needs to be a continuation of style throughout the house.  And there’s the rub Winking smile

It’s a fun problem to have! Open-mouthed smile


  1. haha, I have a similiar problem. I just change the decor like I change my mood! I wrote a post awhile back based off a Real Simple Magazine article that helped me with figuring out design styles

    Thought you might like to try it out for fun!

    Thanks for the encouragement for my mudroom project too! I am excited to get started!

  2. oh and i put you in my reader and became a follower too! :)

  3. I know what you mean. I seem to like elements of alot of different styles. I always figure its my home and if I like it I don't have to follow any rules.

  4. I love that last picture- with the blue wall and the keys. I have a project in mind to frame some old skeleton keys. Have fun decorating! And don't feel rushed- the best rooms come together over time when you find stuff you love : )


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