I Love Peeps!


Just today I was wishing I had a sweet snack.

Then the FedEx man appeared….with a package.

Lo and Behold!

My mom found some Christmas Peeps somewhere and FedEx’ed them to me as a surprise!

What a great surprise…


My Christmas treat stash is rejuvenated!

There’s only one thing better than a Peep, peeps…



A STALE Peep!  Ho ho ho yeah!

Thanks Mom!


  1. My mom adores Peeps, so my DH gets the biggest thrill out of finding Peeps for each holiday to send to her! And the stale ones ARE the best!

  2. As I strolled the aisles of Walgreens those Peeps just jumped right into my basket. They looked a bit stale so I knew you would love them! Enjoy!
    Love ya, Mom

  3. Peeps for every season! We bought black cat peeps for Halloween. You can't beat the classic yellow chick though..


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