It’s a Double-Double-Double-Dog Dare


Hello lovely blog-readers!  I have a post all about our new closet sitting here begging to be published…but I’m afraid some housekeeping has come up that I want to address first. (I know I know, housekeeping sucks.  No need to tell me!)

So, here’s the dealio.

Recently, my mom told me that this blog shows up on her computer with some less than desirable formatting issues.

Namely, the text in the right sidebar (for her) is over the background of wood planks, which makes the text very hard to read.

The problem is….this problem doesn’t show up for me either in Firefox or in Internet Explorer, and without seeing it, I don’t know where to start to fix it.

Here’s what I see:


On my screen, there is a vellum effect applied to the background, except on the far sides, where the background shows up with its actual colors (ie a photo of some wood planks.)  The vellum lightens up the background, and the text is sufficiently clear and easy to read.

And in this screen shot, you can see that the Blog Archive links as well as the Label links, both also fall nicely over the “vellum” section and don’t extend onto the darker boards (which would certainly be annoying to try to read.)


So I need your help. 

Because I don’t *actually* know everything (I don’t admit that very often), and I can’t be everywhere…

I need to ask a big, fat favor.

Even if you’re not a commenter, you think you can’t spell, or you write only backwards and in Swahili (I’ll figure it out somehow), please take a second to leave a comment, even if it’s the only time you ever comment on this blog.


Wait, no.

I’m gonna double-double-double dog dare you to leave a comment, because everything is bigger in Texas.


(Ok, even though I’m not a Texan…lovely state that it is, I’m gonna borrow their slogan anyway.  Consider it advertising.  TX Tourism Bureau – you’re welcome.)

In your comment, please let me know:

  1. If you see any blatant formatting problems on your screen, ie whether text is running onto the background etc
  2. What browser you’re using, whether it be Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox or whatever.
  3. Any other suggestions you think would make this blog easier on the eyes.  This might be text size, font, color, picture size, the background, you name it, I’m listening!  And I promise I won’t get my feelings hurt. 

You officially have permission to be “painfully honest” – and I’ll still be your buddy :)


Thank you thank you thank you!

Your blogging buddy forevers and forevers,



  1. Oh I wish I could help, but I see exactly what you see and we're using Internet Explorer....

  2. I use Google Chrome and your blog is perfect!

  3. On IE and it looks the same as yours does!

    !tnelat s'tahT ??ilihawS ni dna sdrawkcab daer ot woh tuo erugif yllaer uoy naC .S.P

    I had to do it!!

  4. LOL Sara - that was great!

    Thanks ladies for your comments - I appreciate your help with my blog woes. :)

  5. De-lurking cause I never could resist a dare. Blog looks lovely from here. I use Safari.

  6. Chrome for Mac. Everything looks like it should. A couple of ads stick out into the wood, but not distractingly so.

    Good stuff.

  7. I'm on internet explorer and all looks great from here .. no issues.

  8. I see exactly what you see as well, I'm on Google Chrome.

    If you're looking for some help on design tips...I highly recommend Momma Go Round's Beautify your blog series:

    Or for blog design(which I ended up resorting to as it became harder and harder for me to navigate my OWN blog)I used She's FANTASTIC.

    Hope this helps :)

  9. I've had no problems at all. Could it be that her Internet is slow and the page isn't loading completely? I have that problem on slow Internet connections, it never fully loads, esp. with photo-heavy posts.

  10. I use internet explorer and everything looks great. All easy to read etc. I really enjoy your the way. Thanks!

  11. Thank you so much, StephanieRuth! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that you like my blog :)

    And thanks to everyone else for letting me know what their screen looks - I think we figured out that it was related to a very old version of Internet Explorer, so hopefully it's a fairly isolated problem!


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