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Giveaway Results!!

So apparently Blogger decided to have some glitches right smack-in-the-middle of the cutting board and free pizza giveaway.  If anyone had trouble leaving comments to enter, I am so sorry!!One fantastic reader finally emailed me after having trouble with the comment form, so we managed to get a few people entered despite Blogger’s issues.We got a whopping NINE entries for the giveaway (those are some fantastic odds, peeps!).  Since we all know we can click on the Random Number Generators to get a different number if we don’t like the first one, I took 3 results and averaged them instead. Here we go!First result:  6Second result: 8Third result: 5Average (Winner!): SIX!And…based on when the entries came in, the author of the sixth entry was Manda!  Congratulations, Manda, shoot me an email with your mailing address and I’ll get the goods in the mail!Thanks for entering everyone!

Pizza Amore! Plus Giveaway!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine. Hiya Peeps!  I was recently contacted by Freschetta to do a review of their new FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ pizza line, and I have to say I was THRILLED!  Lucky for them, Freschetta has been our absolute go-to frozen pizza choice for several years.  Ever since we discovered the mushroom/roasted garlic/spinach pizza, we pretty much always have one or two in the freezer for those nights when we just don't feel like cooking.  Plus, even without a coupon, they're only $6 at max - who can beat $6 for a pizza!?  In fact, here's my messy freezer now: Needless to say, we're really impressed with the flavors and the quality of Freschetta (the proof is in the pudding, er freezer!), so a *new* line of Freschetta gourmet pizzas is right down our alley. To try out the Simply Inspired line, we chose the Harvest Supreme variety, which is not exactly your standard "supreme" pizza..…

(Fruit and) Veggie Tales ‘11: The Planting

We went from this a few weeks ago:

To this last weekend:

...with the help of 1) one strapping husband willing to do some tilling for his wife and 2) some rockin’ new weed fabric that decomposes and can be tilled into the soil at the end of the season.  (Not so much for weeds – mostly for turds.)

After the dirt was tilled and smoothed, I put the wall of waters up for about a week.  I always thought the wall of waters were just to keep the plants warm, but I recently found out tomatoes like their roots to be about 55-60 degrees at a minimum, so planting them in cooler soil doesn’t do them any favors.  So getting the little-green-teepees set up a little early is a good thing.

Finally, this weekend, I planted my six awesome $1.69 tomato plants.  I intentionally chose much smaller plants than last years’, which stuck up out of the wall of waters and ended up getting partially frozen in a May snowstorm.  I also made sure to give each plant a couple fertilizer stakes this time around to …

A “New” Bench: Country to Cottage Chic

If I do say so myself!My mom got this rustic little bench years ago.  Well, eventually, she got sick of the country look.  Around this same time, I’d been talking about keeping an eye out for a cheap bench I could put on our front porch.As you can probably guess, putting two and two together makes…..a new bench for my front porch!I wasn’t wild about the heart cut-outs, and the back of the bench came up several inches higher than our front window.  Solution?  Cut off the entire top portion, leaving only one heart cut-out to cover up.I found a wooden medallion from Lowe’s and used wood glue to glue it over the heart.Some yellow paint (to match another piece of décor destined for the porch) and mahogany stain later (wipe on, wipe off!), we have this:Once it warms up just a bit more, friendly plants in the glaringly bare planters will help the porch will look even more summery and inviting.A few more details:There’s no poly on this guy.  Supposedly, poly isn’t recommended for outdoor furn…