The Cloffice Reveal

Yesterday I mentioned we needed to consolidate two rooms, the guest room and the office, into one room.

With some creative furniture rearranging, we were able to successfully combine two desks, a double bed, a cedar chest and a side table into a 9x10 room!

My favorite spot, of course, is the new “cloffice”, which is my desk and workspace.

Here’s where we started:


And here’s where we are today:


I’m still contemplating installing some roller shades to pull down and hide the stuff on that top shelf. 

And, to get Nick’s desk comfortably in this room, we rearranged from this:


To this:


Yes, we had to eliminate the headboard altogether…


And the curtains also came down (were moved to our room, actually)

…So there’s still some room for improvement.  For now, though, our guest room/office is completely functional, and future tweaks are projects for another day!

We didn’t move the bookshelf from the office yet – it (and the behemoth desk soon to be sold) is the only thing left in there and it may stay in there or make its way to another room in the house.  Time will tell. 
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  1. Looks great! Love the cloffice, I don't know who ever came up with that but it is a great idea.

  2. Haha. What a funny name and such a functional space!

  3. CUTE play on words!! ANd your "cloffice" looks WONDERFUL! You really did a great job! xo

    :D Lynda

  4. I'm loving the closet...looks so great! Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery...

  5. Katie, it looks awesome! That wall is killing me, I am in love! I can stencil worth a d---, so I drool over other people's handy work!

  6. Simply darling...what a happy lil "cloffice" {love the word}.

    I pinned you for my covet board over at Pinterest...

  7. I have seen lots of open-style headboards in front of a window. Maybe you could paint the headboard a darker color to coordinate with the desk, and still have it in front of the window? Just a thought. I love love love the cloffice :)


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