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Nursery Update!

“Nursery” sounds so funny and fancy to me…But anyway – the baby’s room is coming along!  We only had Saturday to work, since we had company on Sunday.  Nick spent the day trying to finish up the drywall in the garage, which isn’t quite there yet, but hopefully only one more weekend to have that project all done.  He’s only had help (or should I say asked for help?) one weekend, so he’s pretty much a one-man-band on this project.While he worked on the garage, I painted!Here’s the not-very-notable-but-still-progress progress:Clearly, it still needs the chair rail and crown molding, which I think will both be black.  I have a Caaaaa-UTE! decal on the way for the big accent wall as well….and then I’ll start to think about window treatments. Maybe one of these days we’ll even buy some furniture Did I mention we finally sold our behemoth desk on Craigslist!?!?!?!  WHOO HOO!  It’s in its happy new home and I’m happy in my (temporarily, I know) emptier home This weekend?  Finishing the garage…

Long Time No Blog–The Haps!

It’s been a while since I popped in to share a project or an update, so I thought it was about (dang) time.We’ve started some big ones that are taking multiple weekends to complete, so they’re not quite done.First, Nick’s dad helped him put up drywall in our garage (to cover the new insulation, which should keep our upstairs bedrooms a little more climate controlled).  They learned a drywall lift is super duper helpful for ceilings, and perhaps even a necessity.  It was a great tool!And while they were doing that, Nick’s mom helped me get started painting the baby’s room, even with a bunch of furniture still in there (I’ve tried to sell the big desk AND our coffee table on Craigslist and no one is interested at all! It must not be the season for Craigslist.)This past weekend, Nick again worked on the drywall (by himself this time), and he made great progress! It’ll probably get done this coming weekend.  We also invested in a new garage organizer system which is partially installed.  …