September 28, 2011

Super Quick, Super Easy Fall Wreath

Our front door was in need of a little somethin’ somethin’.

Easy fall grapevine wreath

You know what I mean.



(Lately, “easy” also refers to not having to go anywhere – therefore easy and cheap/free are basically synonymous.)

And something….quick.


Enter a tired grapevine wreath stolen from the guest bedroom.  Now that the guest bedroom is also an office, removal of some décor items actually makes it feel a little more efficient.


And enter some burlap I hijacked from the “free” box at my mom’s garage sale in June.

And…finally, enter some lovely crepe-paper-leaves found at the dollar store last year and stashed away with the autumn décor.

Throw them all together, utilize the push-pin through the top of the door wreath-hanging trick, and voila!


A quick, easy, and cheap fall wreath.




Thanks for stopping by!


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September 26, 2011

Hiding Electronics–the Cute Way

Remember this little pile of electronicrap in the unfinished nursery?


Yeah.  Awesome.  Because the phone jack in the “new office” doesn’t work, the router and modem have to stay in the baby’s room.

Only problem is that this little pile of plastic and wiring is so *blindingly* cute, I just had to find a way to cover it up to keep it from distracting from the other elements in the room. 


Hobby Lobby to the rescue! 

A small hole cut with a carpet knife…. masking tape to “finish” the edges, a case of hives for the husband who’s afraid I’m going to fry the modem in an enclosed space …


and the electronicrap is tucked away.


If the modem fries, my posting has been sporadic enough you probably won’t even notice my absence for a few days.


But I bet it’ll be okay Smile


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September 21, 2011

Of Shelves, Gliders, and Shepherd’s Pie

Hiya Peeps!  Ready for my slacker-blogger-once-a-week-post?  (It will get better, I promise.)  Hang onto your seats!


So what in the world is up at our place lately?  We’ve obviously been doing *nothing*, since I have nothing to blog about.  Actually, we’ve been fairly busy, but I’m not great with remembering the camera these days, so how about an update with fewer-than-optimal pictures to go along with it?


Let’s see here…. two weekends ago was a whirlwind of activity.  We had an “infant care” class, and my fabulous sisters-in-law hosted a baby shower for us!  I had no idea so many people could fit in our house!!!  It was a smashing success, and I’m so honored they did that.  Plus, now baby has clothes to wear.  Our collection of socks was pretty good, but in November, socks might be just a little chilly by themselves Winking smile 


I also learned diapers come in different sizes….and how to tell what size they are.  I always thought the numbers on the front were part of the design. 

You thought that too, right?

I think we’re going to try cloth diapers eventually, but it sounds like the newborn disposables will fit better at first, so that’s probably where we’ll start.  Luckily, we got a couple packages at the shower to get us going.  I learned WAY more about babies at the shower than I did at the infant class, that’s for sure.  (Kind of a lame ‘class’, actually.)


That would be my “look confused!” face.  Trust me, it’s not really hard these days to “look confused”…

(Needless to say, that book will come in *very* handy.)


And that cute little blue and white outfit is actually a baby speedo and matching terrycloth top my adorable husband wore when he was an adorable baby.  With it was even a photo of him wearing it, and surprisingly, the elastic etc is still in great shape! 

Wait – not surprisingly.  We’re not that old….


Later that night, Nick was presented with a special “Daddy Survival Kit” chock full of goodies to help him out in the next few months!


Then, last weekend we had a “childbirth” class all day Saturday, which was informative and had a very funny instructor.  The fabric baby and fake pelvic bone model were particularly entertaining… Smile

I probably shouldn’t have found them funny.  Whoops.  It’s always a little awkward when you’re the only one giggling.

In the meantime, our glider arrived!!!  It’s still in a million pieces, but it’s here.  I also found time to buy some ledges for the baby’s room.  The shelves aren’t installed yet, but Nick says the glider and the shelves will get done by this weekend.  Whattaguy! Smile


Also making the headlines is the fact that all my pregnant friends (3 of them!) have now had their babies…..and I’m next in line.  HOLEY BUCKETS.  Butter me and call me a biscuit!  Knowing we’ll have a ….baby?… in six weeks (or less!) is such a crazy thought.


I still have a sewing project to complete (and one to start) that have now been winking at me from the to-do list for oh… least 3 months.  I’m officially starting to annoy myself.  Maybe this weekend? 

Did I mention the nursery has a few new additions?  Specifically, Mr. Panda moved in, looking just a little mystified as to what he’s doing in a crib.


We’re all looking mystified these days.  It must’ve rubbed off on the bear.

This bear was a Christmas present when I was about six years old.  Clearly, that makes him a WISE old bear, and now he’s a perfect addition to our black and white nursery.  That, and my mom probably was sick of looking at him?

This family of bird decals also made itself at home.  They come and go….


(Wonder whose clever idea THAT was??)  Ahem.

Despite the sewing projects, the to-do list has now also grown to include freezer meals as well.  I have to get creative with these, because for every new freezer item I make, zucchini and/or squash must come out of the freezer to make room.  Nick is actually frightened at the amount of zucchini/squash we may be eating in the next few months and is trying to convince me to throw some on the compost heap… (especially with the recent DOUBLE batch of yellow squash casserole I just made…..which we both think is actually pretty nasty.  It’s almost like a squash quiche?  Le sigh.  So much for online recipe reviews.) 

I think I’ve come around to the idea of composting any additional veggies that might still be hiding in the garden.

Shepherd’s pie (with zucchini, of course!), tater tot casserole, chili, and chicken enchilada casserole are all on the list to be made up and thrown in the freezer – or carefully arranged like a puzzle?, and luckily, I know those will be good.

I’ve also been selling stuff on Ebay to make some room around here.  Of the original pile of about 18 items, I’m finally down to 3, so we’re definitely making progress there.

Finally, a few fall décor items have come out to play at our house.  Nothing particularly zealous or overly creative, but it’s always nice to have a change of scenery.



Thanks for stopping by!  At some point, the nursery will be done, and I’ll finally show you the “big picture.” 

Happy FALL!

September 7, 2011

A Few More Nursery Details…

Things are coming along, slowly but surely!


All the nursery furniture is here or on the way…

I finished a couple easy décor projects…



(A couple more are still in progress.)

We also found a cute little bird lamp…


…and some creative storage ideas.


Baby even has a few toys already, and his/her first teddy bear!



Like I said, slowly but surely Smile

September 2, 2011


Wiped.  Exhausted.  Beat.  Pooped.  Worn out.


It’s my new word for just plain tired.

When you consider wiping the coffee drips off the side of the trash can to be an accomplishment for the day, you must be 8 months + pregnant.

What have I done today?  Swiffed the living room floor.  Wet-swiffed the downstairs laminate.  Windexed the inside of the storm door and the cat snot off the front window. 

…Made a mental note to wash the outside of the storm door and front window glass.  Made another mental note to yank all the dried up petunias out of the front porch pots and replace them with mums this weekend.  Crusty old flower carcasses aren’t the most welcoming, no?… 

Emptied the vacuum canister into the trash – took out said trash – put away said vacuum.  Oh yes….

….and wiped the coffee drips off the side of the kitchen trash can.

And now I’m kerfluffed.  That is, I’m pretty much useless to do anything else. 

Good thing today is finally a little cooler than 95.  It helps. 

Last night we went to the pool at the rec center so I could float my belly (my family thinks I have a tiny belly, but trust me, it feels big enough.  Especially at the end of the day.).  We seemed to make quite the ahem- splash – with the teenage lifeguards watching over all the little kiddos in the pool with us.  I’m fairly certain they were more interested in watching us than watching the actual kids.  Apparently 20-something couples don’t often go to the pool without a rugrat (or 2) in tow?

Something else I’ve noticed is that since being pregnant, little kids seem much more friendly.  I don’t recall them ever looking twice at me before, and now they walk right up and talk to me like they know me.  Case in point: I had a little boy following me around the pool last night, popping his head up every few feet to say “HI!”.  

It got kind of awkward.  Not gonna lie.  How many times can you say “hi” back to a 6? 7? 8? year old before legitimately wondering if you have a boogie?  Or a big smear of mascara running down one cheek? 

Five times.  Give or take.

That’s when I started wondering just how freaky I must look to be drawing such random attention.  (Side note:  didn’t have a boogie or mascara issues.  Still wondering…)

On a separate note:  good news!  I think I’ve finally got some ideas for décor in the baby’s room.  You know….for the 3 walls that are currently blank.  I need to go hit up Jo-Ann and/or HobLob for supplies though.  Maybe I can find some energy to shop this afternoon and beat the weekend crowd. 

Main objective this weekend:  check out some places around town for a dresser.  The kind I don’t have to refinish.  I already have a buffet hutch that still needs refinishing, so the new rule – as of ….now….is only one refinishing project stashed in the basement at a time.  Watching too many episodes of “Hoarders” will do that to a person…just sayin’.

In the meantime…rest assured there are….2 half finished baby room projects downstairs and 1, 2, 3, no FOUR more in my head (not counting the valance which you already knew about.)

And now onward.

Like a herd of turtles.  Or a turd of hurdles, as my dad used to say.

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