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Super Quick, Super Easy Fall Wreath

Our front door was in need of a little somethin’ somethin’.You know what I mean.Something….fall.Something….easy. (Lately, “easy” also refers to not having to go anywhere – therefore easy and cheap/free are basically synonymous.)And something….quick.Enter a tired grapevine wreath stolen from the guest bedroom.  Now that the guest bedroom is also an office, removal of some décor items actually makes it feel a little more efficient.And enter some burlap I hijacked from the “free” box at my mom’s garage sale in June.And…finally, enter some lovely crepe-paper-leaves found at the dollar store last year and stashed away with the autumn décor.Throw them all together, utilize the push-pin through the top of the door wreath-hanging trick, and voila!A quick, easy, and cheap fall wreath.Thanks for stopping by! Linked up to:House of HepworthsThrifty Décor Chick

Hiding Electronics–the Cute Way

Remember this little pile of electronicrap in the unfinished nursery?
Yeah.  Awesome.  Because the phone jack in the “new office” doesn’t work, the router and modem have to stay in the baby’s room.Only problem is that this little pile of plastic and wiring is so *blindingly* cute, I just had to find a way to cover it up to keep it from distracting from the other elements in the room.  Hobby Lobby to the rescue!  A small hole cut with a carpet knife…. masking tape to “finish” the edges, a case of hives for the husband who’s afraid I’m going to fry the modem in an enclosed space …and the electronicrap is tucked away.If the modem fries, my posting has been sporadic enough you probably won’t even notice my absence for a few days.But I bet it’ll be okay Linked up to:Dittle DattleTater Tots and JelloHouse of Hepworths

Of Shelves, Gliders, and Shepherd’s Pie

Hiya Peeps!  Ready for my slacker-blogger-once-a-week-post?  (It will get better, I promise.)  Hang onto your seats!So what in the world is up at our place lately?  We’ve obviously been doing *nothing*, since I have nothing to blog about.  Actually, we’ve been fairly busy, but I’m not great with remembering the camera these days, so how about an update with fewer-than-optimal pictures to go along with it?Okeydokey!  Let’s see here…. two weekends ago was a whirlwind of activity.  We had an “infant care” class, and my fabulous sisters-in-law hosted a baby shower for us!  I had no idea so many people could fit in our house!!!  It was a smashing success, and I’m so honored they did that.  Plus, now baby has clothes to wear.  Our collection of socks was pretty good, but in November, socks might be just a little chilly by themselves I also learned diapers come in different sizes….and how to tell what size they are.  I always thought the numbers on the front were part of the design.  You tho…

A Few More Nursery Details…

Things are coming along, slowly but surely!All the nursery furniture is here or on the way…I finished a couple easy décor projects…(A couple more are still in progress.)We also found a cute little bird lamp……and some creative storage ideas.Baby even has a few toys already, and his/her first teddy bear!Like I said, slowly but surely


Wiped.  Exhausted.  Beat.  Pooped.  Worn out.Kerfluffed.It’s my new word for just plain tired.When you consider wiping the coffee drips off the side of the trash can to be an accomplishment for the day, you must be 8 months + pregnant.What have I done today?  Swiffed the living room floor.  Wet-swiffed the downstairs laminate.  Windexed the inside of the storm door and the cat snot off the front window.  …Made a mental note to wash the outside of the storm door and front window glass.  Made another mental note to yank all the dried up petunias out of the front porch pots and replace them with mums this weekend.  Crusty old flower carcasses aren’t the most welcoming, no?…Emptied the vacuum canister into the trash – took out said trash – put away said vacuum.  Oh yes….….and wiped the coffee drips off the side of the kitchen trash can.And now I’m kerfluffed.  That is, I’m pretty much useless to do anything else.  Good thing today is finally a little cooler than 95.  It helps.  Last night…