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Kitchen Organization: Create a Magnetic Corkboard

So I decided the magnetic side of our fridge was getting way too cluttered.  It was covered with clips full of coupons, holiday photos, random keepsake magnets, and the essential magnetic notepad (or three…).Some kind of organization solution was in order.I decided attaching some of this junk to the inside of the adjacent cabinet door was the best solution, so I found a cheap corkboard at HobLob and stuck it up on the inside of the cabinet door with the adhesive squares that come with it.Then I started pinning stuff to it….and realized I really like having my coupon stacks in a CLIP and not stuck under a thumb tack.  I need the convenience of being able to flip through the coupons and then stick them back up and go on my merry way.  Stuck under a thumb tack….wasn’t doing it.But lo and behold….thumb tacks (the standard, boring silver kind) are magnetic!  So I pushed them into the corkboard here and there, and then I just stuck my handy Oxo magnetic clips to the tacks.  Ok, so “here and…

Right Now

I saw Sara do this and it looked fun.  I’m gonna throw some random adorable baby pictures in here too.  Just for fun, cause I can’t get enough of her.Right now I am  . . .

Watching: Income Property.  I’m aimlessly watching Scott build a basement daycare for a couple with newborn twins while testing out some stocking stuffers.  Those babies make me want to go pick up my baby and snuggle her.  But I won’t.  Because she’s napping, and naps are gold…Eating: Nothing, but I’m thinking about heating up some coffee from this morning.Drinking: Maybe that reheated coffee soon?Wearing: A white long sleeve V-neck t-shirt.  A long, gray, chunky knit cardigan.  Jeans that I wish were a little skinnier to fit in my boots better.  Christmas socks with penguins on them Avoiding: Wrapping some gifts.  Getting laundry out of the dryer.  I could probably vacuum/swiff/put clutter away too.  Dairy.  Which stinks, because I’m a dairy fiend.  Milk, cheese, EGG NOG….le sigh. None for me for a while because th…

Holiday Craft: Burlap and Glass

I’m digging burlap these days, so I’ve been looking for places to use it.For a little texture combined with sparkle, I decided to put burlap bows on tall glass hurricanes.  But try tying a bow around a glass cylinder….it doesn’t stay in place for long.Plus, I wanted more than a bow – I wanted them to look like Christmas packages.So I used packing tape to stick the burlap to the glass.  It’s clear, after all!I just cut some narrow “ribbons” out of burlap and used the tape to stick it to the glass.It was quick and easy enough to do while sitting on the floor with Avery (all my projects for a while will be this quick and easy! For better or for worse?)Then I finished it up by Gorilla gluing a burlap bow on the front.Burlap “wrapped” glass – super quick and easy!  Throw some filler in the cylinders or a pillar candle, and you’re off to the races with a rustic (and easy, cheap, and FABULOUS) new holiday decoration, if I do say so myself.Thanks for stopping by!Linked up to:Chic on a Shoestr…

Thumb Tacks + Nail Polish = Much Better

Another quick little nursery item I’ve been staring at and pondering was the clear push pins I used to hang up the flag pennants.  (Uh, and the threads I never trimmed off the end of the pennants…)I thought I was doing pretty well to use clear push pins….but they were still really visible – even from a distance.And it was bugging me.  I’m not sure how easy black thumb tacks are to find, but I didn’t really want yet another box of tacks (how many does one household need?  We have at least 2 sets already…).  So I got to thinking how I could just make a couple of tacks black. (Also, I wanted black thumb tacks instead of push pins, since they’re flat.)Nail polish!As trendy as I am (not), I didn’t have black nail polish sitting around so I bought a cheap bottle of it.Verdict?  It works great – disguising thumb tacks has never been easier.  Now I can move on to dwelling on some other minor nursery detail Thanks for stopping by!  A holiday crafty d├ęcor post is coming soon!

Nursery Project: Hamper Liner

Well, Hello there!I’ve been so busy with our new baby girl that you haven’t seen me around these blog parts in a while.  She’s now SIX WEEKS OLD (holey buckets), and I’m gradually gaining more time to do my own thing.Like laundry.  And swiffing the cat hair off the floor.  And putting on deodorant.Oh yeah, and the occasional project and blog post.  Good thing, because as I sit in the nursery feeding Avery multiple times a day (and night – don’t forget those SUPER FUN 3 am feedings!) I’ve had a chance to look around and see a few things that need some attention.First up:  the hamper.  It needed a hamper liner so we can just gather up the liner when it’s full and haul the load down to the washer – leaving the chunky white plastic hamper upstairs and avoiding an Easter egg hunt for random baby socks that escaped from the pile on the way down.My first brilliant idea was to use an old pillow case.That didn’t work out very well.Take 2…Remember my idea to add some plum to the nursery if we h…