Right Now

I saw Sara do this and it looked fun.  I’m gonna throw some random adorable baby pictures in here too.  Just for fun, cause I can’t get enough of her.

Right now I am  . . .

Watching: Income Property.  I’m aimlessly watching Scott build a basement daycare for a couple with newborn twins while testing out some stocking stuffers.  Those babies make me want to go pick up my baby and snuggle her.  But I won’t.  Because she’s napping, and naps are gold…


Eating: Nothing, but I’m thinking about heating up some coffee from this morning.

Drinking: Maybe that reheated coffee soon?


Wearing: A white long sleeve V-neck t-shirt.  A long, gray, chunky knit cardigan.  Jeans that I wish were a little skinnier to fit in my boots better.  Christmas socks with penguins on them Smile

Avoiding: Wrapping some gifts.  Getting laundry out of the dryer.  I could probably vacuum/swiff/put clutter away too.  Dairy.  Which stinks, because I’m a dairy fiend.  Milk, cheese, EGG NOG….le sigh. None for me for a while because the munchkin seems to be sensitive to it.


Feeling: Good, but still a little tired during the day.  Avery now has pretty regular 3-4 hour intervals between nighttime meals.  It seems every new change in the nighttime routine makes me tired for a couple days, even if it’s *more* sleep. 

Missing: My dad.  I think my dad was made to be a grandpa, and he would’ve loved having a grandbaby to dote on.  He looked like Santa and at Christmastime he’d ride around in a Santa suit on his red Harley motorcycle just to see the expressions of all the kids he passed on the road.

Thankful: For a great life, a beautiful, amazing, adorable baby, a handsome, talented, faithful husband who loves me, and a family who values family.


Weather: Cold and clear.

Needing: To eat less sugar and drink more water.  I have a terrible sweet tooth.  To do the chores I’m avoiding.

Thinking about: Christmas gifts still to procure, a little project for Avery’s room sitting in pieces on the kitchen table, the weekend.

Dreaming:  Of staying home with Avery full time so I don’t miss anything. 

Loving: Avery and our first Christmas season with her.  The joy she brings us is immeasurable.  Just looking at her makes my heart swell.  


What about you?
What are you doing right now?


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