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Getting Organized: Deep Cleaning

This month I’m really feeling the need to declutter and get organized.  Cleaning is part of that, and since no one wants to see posts about my *actual* cleaning efforts (uh, or do you?) I figured I’d just set out my new “deep cleaning” plan for the year.  Back in the days when I waited tables, I saw a deep cleaning system that worked really well.  In fact, it worked so well, I’m going to start using it in our house.  And the fact that deep cleaning in my house won’t involve finding surprise wads of gum stuck under tables or other gritty goodies left by random strangers (I hope?), it should be a roaring success.And to make things just a *tad* more interesting, Avery will help me share the details of said “plan”!So here’s how it worked:  each week, a handful of tasks from the deep cleaning list would be assigned to every waiter and cook.  We each had a week to complete them. For example, one week my deep cleaning assignment might’ve been to pull up booth cushions to clean the cushions a…

Getting Organized: Decluttering!

As I mentioned the other day, I’m dedicating the rest of January to decluttering, cleaning, and otherwise starting the process of getting organized.  February will be “Closets Month” so I’ll tackle the organization part later.A reader brought up a great point in a comment though….where do you start?  Yeah.  Yuck.  Where DO you start?  I always start with the question “Keep or toss?”  I’ll pull stuff out of all the usual hiding places.  Then I’ll decide what to keep or toss and group what’s left into categories like décor, cleaning, food/kitchen, office, etc so it can be organized into the right area of the house and not be spread out over multiple closets, etc. There are three major areas I want to make sure I tackle: décor stuff, electronics, and clothes. Décor StuffDécor items are a pretty big clutter culprit in my house, and they tend to be stored in the weirdest places.  I need to bring all the décor together and figure out what to keep.  If an item is recyclable (like a glass vas…

2011 Roundup: Top Five Posts

Happy 2012!  For those of you who are new to BurbTales, here’s a round up of the top 5 posts from 2011.  1.  Master Bath RenovationFirst, we kicked the year off with a master bathroom renovation, and apparently, a lot of master baths are in need of similar upgrades, because those posts have been very popular this year.  We learned how to demolition and install tile, but we hired out the framing, drywall and plumbing to the pros.  Some of my favorite elements of our new bathroom are the wood grain tile floors, the “quoin” pattern in the shower tiles, and our custom-made knotty alder vanity (believe it or not, going the custom route was cheaper than what we found at Home Depot!)2.  ClofficeThe next most popular post was about our “Cloffice” (closet-turned-office).  The Cloffice was an invention of necessity because we needed to move both our desks out of the old office and into the guest room, so we could turn the office into a nursery.  Because our (haaa-uge) guest room is a whopping 9…

A Few New Nursery Additions

Now that our munchkin is here, the nursery’s changed a little bit.  I mean in addition to the cute little baby who now takes up residence there.  Awww.  The cheeks…..cannot….resist…the cheeks!Ok.  Anyway!We’ve gotten some wonderful gifts which have spruced the place up, plus if you’ve been following my posts about the little projects I’ve done in there since the “reveal,” you’ve already guessed that it doesn’t look exactly the way I showed you when she was still baking.You’ve already seen the hamper liner made from an old curtain panel…And the black thumb tacks replacing the clear push pins on the flag pennants(yeah, HUGE project there, but you know the devil is in the details) …I also added a bird decal to the end of the flag pennants.  It’s cuter to have a bird holding the end of the pennants than to just have them ‘blowing in the wind’, no?  (Anyone else having flashbacks to the dress-sewing scene in the Disney Cinderella movie?)Next, the wall over the changing table has been impro…

January 2012: Project Line Up

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately and how I want to go about my projects this year.  I can’t get as much done now that I have a baby here, but I still have ideas, and there are still those nagging little things that I see around the house and need to make time for (like the door hinge that’s been held in place with a screwdriver for over a year…?)Then there are the “wild hair” ideas I really want to try, like concocting some “built-ins” for the master bedroom, or building a rolling potting bench/workbench.  Actually, these probably won’t be attempted until Avery is a little older.  But you never know.I think the best way to go about the projects I know I can reasonably get done, generally speaking of course – because I love being able to start a project on a whim – is to focus on one concept at a time and then pepper in some fun extras as I go along.  Here’s my plan for the first half of the year:January:  Decluttering and cleaning February:  Closets!March: Kitchen project…