I Heart Pinterest

Heya! How’s it going in blogland today?  My closets are still *under construction*, but I’m feeling some Pinterest love, so we’re going there today.


It took me for-eva to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.  Really.  Sometimes I see people getting all excited about something and I just dig my heels in and decide I’m NOT going to do that.  I guess it’s the wild stubborn streak that comes from growing up with the coyotes and antelope out on the windy prairie. 

Or in the city next to the windy prairie. Open-mouthed smile  One of the two…?

True story:  When I was in elementary school, the wind was occasionally so strong that we’d have indoor recess to keep us kiddos from being picked up and blown over.

Now back to Pinterest…

Okay, so here’s a super-brief description of Pinterest for anyone who is still exercising their right to Pinterest-stubbornness:

Pinterest is a webpage full of photos.  You browse through them, "pinning” your own favorites to your personal “boards” which are categorized however you want.  For instance, I have boards called “Recipes to Try”, “Baby Ideas”, “Kid Ideas”, “For the Home”, “Tips & Tricks” etc.


Camera tips, cleaning tips, recipes for homemade cleaners, image transfer tutorials….



Uh, S’mores Pie?  Rhubarb lemonade? Crockpot tapioca pudding? 



Adorable baby photo ideas, baby clothing patterns, nursery ideas, how to make a diaper cake….


Each pin is a link to the original source – the recipe, the blog post about a project, whatever.  So you can pin a photo and go back later to read more about it.

It’s kind of like crack for project junkies.  The great ideas are endless.

Here are a few of my favorite pins (and my little notes about them) so you can see the kinds of treasures to be had out there:






How about those cookie dough brownies!?  Are you drooling on your keyboard?  DANGER!  If When I make those, the Hubs will have to get in there pronto because I WILL polish off the whole batch.

See what I mean about the coolio stuff you can find?  Those pins are only a few of the 344 pins I’ve accumulated so far (did I mention I took forever to check out Pinterest?  That’s probably on the low end of most people’s pinning.) 

Oh yeah, then there’s that part about pinning photos TO Pinterest and making them part of the Pinterest universe for other people to find.  Like the DIY art idea above – I found that on Better Homes & Gardens one day and added it to Pinterest with the “Pin it” button in my navigation bar.



Not sure what I’m talking about?  Go check out Pinterest and it’ll become crystal clear– you’ll be glad you did.

I spend way too much time on Pinterest.  If you want to follow me and see all the cool stuff I manage to find ALL.THE.TIME – feel free to click that button in the sidebar and join me in my distraction.



P.S.  Although it would be legend-waitforit-DARY if Pinterest wanted to pay me to promote their site, alas they do not.  I just LIKE it Smile

The End.


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    Have a wonderful day! Thanks!

  2. I love me some Pinterest too! New Linky follower! ~Lori

  3. Hi!

    Happy Valentines Day. I'm hopping over from the FOLLOW ME linky party/blog hop. I'm following you. Will you follow me back? http://www.FineCraftGuild.com


  4. Just found you through Linky! Love your blog! I am your newest follower. Come on over to my spot for a visit!

  5. I'm stopping by for from the Linky Party and I'm glad I did. If ever there were a topic close to my heart it's Pinterest. I'm going to go check you out there after I'm done here!

  6. I have never even ventured there....I hear way too many addicting stories..I guess happiness is bliss if I don't know what I am missing!!


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