March 28, 2012

The Game of Life

Hiya Peeps!

Sorry for the sparse posting lately.  The kiddo is having some challenges with her reflux (and her appetite) so we’ve been busy trying to figure out what’s going on.


In the meantime, I have a half finished spring/summer wreath (ack, because I had the Christmas one up until about a week ago!)…

Here’s one component of my wreath:


…blankets hanging from clip rings over Avery’s blinds to block out the light a little more – pending something decent still to be created for the same purpose…

…label-less pantry canisters that are starting to bug me, a master closet in UTTER shambles because it needs an iota of our attention, and two furniture refinishing projects I’ve been itching to start but haven’t had time for. 


On a positive note, we are making some progress.

Specifically, in learning to sit!


She still needs a little help to keep from occasionally falling over to one side or backwards, but at least we can say we’re actively working on one “project” Smile


But hey, that’s the game of life.  My progress slows down so hers can speed up!

Despite the slowdown, I WILL get that wreath done soon….! 

Thanks for stopping by Smile


March 22, 2012

A Few More Spring Décor Touches

Hello again!  Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post.  I’m having trouble keeping up with life these days!

Are you having as warm a week as we are?  Holey buckets, it’s so warm we’ve been sleeping with our window cracked open at night.  That is SUPER warm for March in our neck of the woods.


The warm weather has definitely gotten my spring gears turning, and it was time for more spring updates in the house.  First, I dressed up our mantel with some new spring décor


I’m drawn to a muted palette of brown, green, white, and black this year.  This works out fantastic, because I’m also in the mood for mason jars, burlap, and moss.  Throw in a little twine on top of those, and I’m off to the races!

So, of course after messing around with the mantel, I found a few other places for some changes.

The top of our media cabinet:


A refinished tray looks perfect on our fantastic new ottoman:

Have I mentioned our ottoman yet?  We replaced the old glass/iron/wood coffee table (that everyone tripped on) with this spiffy ottoman.  It goes from this….


To this!


And it hides Avery’s toys perfectly when I actually pick them all up. Smile

Notice our new window treatments?  Here’s an old (grainy – sorry) picture of the living room to remind you how it used to look:


I updated the drapes with some panels from Ikea and homemade duck cloth valances.  Obviously I mounted them much higher up as well – the ceiling is so high in this room, the windows looked out of proportion with standard height curtains.


Then I moved to the dining room.  A simple arrangement on the buffet with my mason jar hurricanes, a pitcher and platter, and rolled napkins looks clean and airy and lets that fabulous wood grain show:



And a small grouping on the kitchen table makes for an easy spring “centerpiece.”



We’re hosting Easter at our house this year, so I may have to add a few more colorful Easter touches.  But for now, I’m loving the clean, simple look of just these few little vignettes.


March 12, 2012

A Touch of Spring: The Mantel

Happy Monday, peeps!  Speaking of Peeps, last time I was at the store I couldn’t find a single package of Peeps ANYWHERE.  What is the world coming to?  I need my sugar-coated-marshmallow fix! 

Spring mantel decor

Over the weekend I made a few spring updates to the décor around here.  I started with the living room and - my very favorite place to decorate – the mantel. 

"Rustic" light strand using brown paper

99% of the spring décor was stuff I already had.  I just added burlap, twine and a few other little details for a rustic spin.  The one new item is a fabulous little mercury glass bottle.  It was 70% off at Joann a couple days ago, and I just couldn’t resist. 

I love it Smile  It’s sparkly and shiny and it’ll be great for just about every season.

Spring mantel

I used scrapbook paper and burlap to dress up the pillar candles a bit.  And I made the burlap “J” art from a dollar store item I had laying around and a $1 wooden letter from Hobby Lobby.

Spring vignette

I dug a green glass bottle out of the recycling bin (and washed it, thankyouverymuch) and added some twine.  It adds a beautifully reflective touch of extra green.

It’s a little “apothecary”, right?  Or bootlegger?  Ha Smile

Spring vignette 2

The ceramic bird is also a dollar store purchase from a year or two ago. 

I saw this light strand in the Pottery Barn catalog…


…and was inspired to make up my own version. I already had a strand of “tiki” type lights, so I just covered them with brown paper to tone them down a bit. 

Knock off version of Pottery Barn string lights

A spring mantel

I finally put up some wall art in the space to the left of the fireplace.

Spring mantel 2

And I used my refinished, reversible tray to dress up the ottoman.  But more on that later.

Spring mantel and hearth

On the hearth is a springy wreath atop two old textbooks and on the other side is a twig basket with a wire bowl of pine cones and candles on it. 

I used a scrap piece of white canvas to line the inside of the twig basket on the hearth.  The blue and orange blanket stored in that basket wasn’t exactly complimenting the fireplace and it’s nicer to see the twig detail against a light background anyway.

Mantel decorated for spring!

I’m really loving this new spring mantel and hearth.  It adds a lighter, airier feeling to the living room, and it was easy on the pocketbook too.  It’s helping me get in the mood for nicer weather.

Thanks for stopping by!  More spring décor coming up later this week: the dining room, front door (sayonara Christmas wreath!), and the rest of the living room.



P.S.  I just about jumped out of my socks the other day when I saw bulbs coming up in the front yard.  Talk about being unprepared for Spring!  Usually I’m out trying to ‘garden’ before anything is up yet…Smile with tongue out   


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March 8, 2012

Loops of Progress

Hi friends!  Just a quick post today.  Between work, baby adventures, and well, the rest of life, it’s been a busy week!  At some point I need to get my bum to the grocery store, too.  Hopefully before we completely run out of diapers!


Here’s a teeny little project for you though.

There’s a bathmat in the guest bathroom.

The end. 

Just kidding!  (Almost though.  It’s a short story…)

It's a bathmat.

I didn’t want it hanging on the side of the tub.

I didn’t want it on the floor unless it was being used.

And I didn’t want it taking up space on the towel rod.

But there are hooks on the back of the bathroom door…

Sew loops on the bathmat

So I sewed some cotton loops to the bathmat, and now it can hang up to dry and/or be stored out of the way.

Hang bathmat on hooks

I’m so glad I have a sewing machine these days.  I really have no sewing skills, but it makes easy little jobs like this so quick.  I even got some mending done while I was at the machine – go me!Sig

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March 7, 2012

A Classy Closet

Well hello!  It’s a 70 degree “winter” day here today.  The daffodils are springing and the garden debris is chattering at me to come clean it up.  But all in due time…I have things to work on *inside* first!  Namely, our closets.  February was closet month and here I am in March…not quite done. 

Have you been waiting around to finally see my organized front “hall” closet? 

Organized front closet



Well, here it is anyway!  You got a sneak peak at the stripes last week, but I was waiting until March rolled around (for the ol’ budget) to buy some baskets.

I love my Dyson...

And baskets did I buy!  And ‘fancy’ wood hangers, too.  Whoop!

Target baskets

The main changes to this closet are 1) the stripes that scream “Welcome to the coat party!”  (something like that) and 2) the shelves built into the lower half of the deeper end of the closet.  We made sure the shelves are low enough to allow our coats room to hang. 

Shelves in front closet

If you’re wondering what color those stripes are….here you go:

Let's call it "Green Goddess"?

That color.  And that other one.  And the one in the back.

I had a ton of various green paint tester pots!

So I mixed them all together.  And I like the (free) result Smile

Stripes in a closet = totally fun

The vacuum also lives in this closet (no other place for it), so one of the baskets got the spare vacuum parts which were previously in a pile on a shelf in the laundry room.  Because that makes a lot of sense.  Vacuum in the front closet….vacuum accessories on the other side of the house in the laundry closet. 

Function, baby. Function.

Keeping vac stuff together

The other basket holds scarves, mittens and other winter wear.

Our folding chairs are stored in here as well.  We use them fairly often, so it makes sense to keep them close by.  They don’t look all that welcoming, and you probably wouldn’t find folding chairs in a magazine-worthy closet, but then again we do have to live in reality occasionally.

And finally, here’s a dirty little secret for you.   Well, not dirty, but not exactly sleek and organized either.

Board game hideaway...

Our collection of board games stored on the top shelf….

…on a (salvaged) shoe rack.

We don’t have any other place to put these, and the shoe rack works pretty well.

When our basement is finished, the games will go downstairs.  Until then, the new-and-improved front closet is still a classier spot to hang up our guests’ coats than it used to be.

Organized front closet

Thanks for stopping by! 


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