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A Little Screen Door Maintenance

Hiya!  What with our lovely new deck and all, another project quickly made its way onto my list:  our sliding screen door.  After all, what’s a nice deck worth if you can’t get out to it?The.door.was.awful!  It literally required two hands and one foot to get it open.  It was off-balance and perpetually stuck, the screen was ripping, and the lock didn’t work.  (The lock still doesn’t work, but thought I’d throw that in there anyway.)But I know fixing screens is supposed to be pretty easy, so I made a trip to the store for some supplies.I got some new screen fabric, some spline, a splining tool, and new rollers.  It cost about $10 total.  First things first, so I jumped right in and pulled the old screen and spline out.  Quick, easy, and satisfying in a dusty kind of way.Next, I used a screwdriver (and a husband?) to pop the old, broken wheels out of the bottom of the door.  What flimsy little pieces those were.  You’d think wheels that get used and exposed to the weather on a daily ba…

Well, I Deck-lare!

You know the saying Southern folks have when they don’t approve of something?  I believe it’s something like “Well, bless your/her/his heart.”  I’m not a Southern woman, but I can appreciate the sentiment behind such a comment.  If I could meet the prior homeowner of our house who installed our deck, I think it would be wise to exercise the utmost Southern courtesy and “bless his heart”.  But since he’s not standing in front of me, I don’t have to be courteous at the moment.  So let’s face it – he screwed us over big time.  I’m sure homeowners everywhere have rested easy upon the premise that once a project becomes a problem, it won’t be their problem – it’ll be the next guy’s.  And that’s exactly what happened in this case.I don’t know if the immediate preceding homeowners realized what was lurking under their deck, but if they did, they didn’t tell us.  The home inspector didn’t notice that the supporting beams under the deck weren’t treated or cedar or redwood.  He did notice the r…

Just a Wednesday– the Deck and more

Hi everyone!  Here’s hoping you are all having a great week.  Truth be told, I’m having a hard time keeping up with blogging, so forgive my sporadic posts lately.  I work a full time job and take care of our baby girl at the same time, so *lately*, that doesn’t leave much (any???) time for basically anything else.  It wasn’t too hard until about a month ago (blogging aside).  But now…well, it’s getting pretty tough!  We’ve been pondering our family’s future and what role I want to or should have in it, so hopefully we’ll come to a solution in the next several weeks.  At that point, I should have a little more time for keeping up with everything else in life, including blogging.Meanwhile, our deck is progressing beautifully!  I can hear drills and saws going now as the pergola goes up.  I recently discovered that ALL my “before” pictures of our deck….are totally blown out.  I screwed up with some setting, and now I need to spend some time trying to edit the photos back to something rec…

Surprise!!! (I’m still here!)

Well HELLO out there!  Since the last time I posted, a lot has probably happened in your life.  Let’s see, like…School is out?  You’re celebrating the end of Crazy-May like I am?  You got your planters planted with some lovely petunias and you feel sorry for your neighbor’s (um, “my”) nekkid planters every time you drive by?You’re planning your summer vacation or staycation?It’s been pretty nutty around here as well.  For one thing, I had to keep my blog quiet for a while, because the only thing I had to talk about was, well, a surprise.  I planned a surprise birthday party for Nick, and the next day, Avery was baptized and we had another full-blown party. The theme of the birthday party was “techie”, since my hubby is definitely a techie.I used old CDs and a pool noodle for labeling the various dishes:The menu included summer staples like BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, fruit salad, “frog eye” salad (LOVE that stuff), and I made German Chocolate Cupcakes with binary code wri…