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August Meal Planning: Results!

Hellloooooo friends!Welcome back to the ‘burb.  We’ve had a busy weekend, with Avery’s first plane ride traveling to an out of state wedding.  She did GREAT on the airplane!  The wedding was fun, too – but we all have a bit of a bug now.  Poor baby has a runny nose and seems to generally not feel that great.  Hubby has a sore throat and the sneezes.  I had a day and a half of miserable aches and chills (but then felt fine the next day).Meanwhile, every spare chance I get, I’m down in the garage working on the hutch.  Remember the buffet?  I’m finally getting around to refinishing the hutch to match, and I need half the garage for a workspace.  It’s not a hard task, but it’s a lot of steps with drying time in between, so it takes a while.  I’m scrambling to get it done as soon as I can so Nick can park his car back in the garage.  I think it’s safe to say I’ve passed the halfway point.  Tomorrow I’ll do the first of 3 clear coats on the painted sections.  Once the clear coats are done,…


Helloooo!  How’s your week going?Ours is humming along.  Lots going on, plus we’re getting ready for Avery’s first plane ride.I might be a little nervous about that.  Avery really likes to cruise and crawl around, and I’m not sure how she’ll do sitting on one of our laps the whole trip.  Luckily, it’s a short trip, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  She also loves to point these days and has no trouble assertively and dramatically using her entire chubby arm and finger to point directly at a perfect stranger.  Like when she pointed and held her stare at an unsuspecting churchgoer in the pew behind us one day.  Or when she randomly picked out an old man passing us in the aisle at Home Depot and pointed him down.Most people roll with it, chuckle, and point back at her.  But you never know when you’ll run into a grouch.  Especially in close quarters on an airplane.  But enough of that.  It’ll be okay.  (Right?)I have some BIG news finally!!  I’m *officially* a stay-at-home-mom now!  My jo…

Meal Planning: August Progress

Hello hello!A lovely comment left on my last post reminded me that I need to update all y’all on my meal planning (and hopefully money saving) progress!  Warning: this post might be a tad short on pictures In a nutshell:  I think I’m doing pretty well.  BUT, I think September’s strategy will include multiple trips.  Because I’m watching prices on certain things like chicken, burger, and cheese, I’ll stock up when the prices dip.  Since it’s pretty much guaranteed that the low prices won’t all be active in the same week…I’ll need to make more than one trip.  A little discipline combined with a couple strategic grocery trips per month should still help keep the food budget under control.We’re halfway through the month, and Week 1 was my big grocery trip and the start of a mini price-book so I’ll know what the low prices are on a few select items and when the sales cycles are.  I spent $200 on that trip.  The plan was to be SUPER organized and only go to the store that one time for this …

Monthly Meal Planning–Take 1!

Hi friends!  Guess what I did this month?  You already know? (Because I already told you? Because it’s in the title? Because your genius and my genius are likethis?)Right-o.  Well, I’ll tell you all again, because I’m just so tickled at my little accomplishment: I jumped in with both feet and made a meal plan for August, and did one major shopping trip for the month!  I wanted to see how much money I spent buying enough food for the whole month all at once.  I also wanted to know how it compared to what I *have* been spending on groceries the last few months.I wanted to see how much stuff I forgot.I wanted to scope out some prices and get a price list started so I’ll know in the future when a few select items will be on sale.And I did it.  I wasn’t totally successful….but I think it was a great start for someone who’s never done this before and who went to the store 11 times last month (<gasp> I know.)First, I made a list of meals.  I figured I’d need 20 “good” dinners, some ess…

Budgettabouddit! Part 3: Snowballs in August

So I’ve already talked about budgets and the importance of tracking actual expenses in one central location so we can see how much they are, how they’re changing, and how they relate to our budget. But there is one “expense” which deserves its own post entirely. Debt.Debt deserves not only its own post, but also a little set of horns.  It makes overspending way, way too easy.  And then it tacks on outrageous interest charges, with a teensy little minimum payment.  You know why that payment is so low?  So you’ll never pay off your debt and so the credit card company can continue to charge you out your ears.Here are some actual numbers for you.<hopping on my soapbox>You buy a TV for $1,500 and charge it.  Your interest rate on the card is 10% (this is probably low).   You make a $33 payment toward your credit card every month.  In five years, that TV will be paid off, at a total cost of $1,893.  Congratulations!  You now have an obsolete TV which was overpriced by $393.  What else…