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The Cleanhouse Challenge–Green your Clean!

I just learned of a cool new application designed by Real Simple,, and Seventh Generation that lets you “walk” through a virtual house and get tips in every room on ways to green your clean.  Yeah, that’s right – “Green Your Clean”!  I just made that up, but I think it fits with the goal of the app and with the priorities of a lot of families like mine.  Plus, for those of us always trying to save a few bucks, as you walk through this app, printable coupons pop up!  Boo-ya!The app is called the Cleanhouse Challenge.  It presents a virtual house with virtual rooms to “walk through” where tips are provided in each room.  Plus, by touring the house, you’re not just helping yourself: after viewing all the tips, Seventh Generation makes a $10 donation to example, one of the first things I learned (in the kitchen of this cute little virtual house) is that most dish soaps are made of 75% petroleum-based products.  Even if that doesn’t bother you from a green perspective, …

Fall Around Here

Temps here have finally dropped….like a rock.  We went from 80 one day, to 39 the next!  This morning we woke up to a tiny bit of snow, and we’re expecting more this weekend.  We usually get an October snowstorm, so it’s not entirely unexpected.  As long as we remember to shut off the sprinkler system and drain it this evening, we’ll be just fine Here’s a glimpse at fall in our house the last few days:Miss Avery turned 11 months!I finally got out some autumn décor and dressed up the new hutch.  I caught a squirrel raiding the sunflower seeds.  We hardly ever see squirrels in our backyard but I guess these sunflowers were enough of a draw for this guy to make the trek down the block!  See him surfing that left stalk down to the ground?  I hope your fall is off to a warm and cozy start too!