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Weekend Musings

My musings occur on the weekends because I have no idea where the time goes during the week.  What can I say?  I’m just so popular (with my one-year-old) I never have any free time.  To muse.  Or blog.  Or do my hair.  Speaking of one-year olds…I can’t believe how big my “baby” is getting.  Over the last few weeks, she seems like such a little girl rather than a baby. Have I mentioned she’s walking now???  She holds a finger or two when she can, but she walks by herself when she wants to.<sniff>Avery was a bee for Halloween.  We didn’t go trick-or-treating, but she wore her cutie little costume for her birthday party and for a Halloween party we attended.  I made a silk sunflower barrette for the costume, too, but it was SUPERFUN to pull it out, so it didn’t make it into any pictures.  Go figure.  And yes, I know the pink shirt doesn’t match.  Yes, yes yes.  I KNOW.  It was a chilly day and that was the best option, but everyone made sure to mention how it didn’t go with the cos…

Germ Momster Called and She Said to Wash Your Hands

So here’s a gross one for you.  I used to work with a lady who I’d occasionally run into in the ladies room.  (No, that’s not quite the end of that story.)I started noticing that she’d “wash” her hands by simply turning on the water for a split second, wetting her hands, then walking out.  Ok, and she dried them, too.  How totally gross is that?  I avoided using her computer keyboard at all costs.I don’t deal with workplace germs so much anymore, but now I get the kid germs.  In fact, today I’m pretty sure a spot on my right sleeve is dried snot – and funny how it doesn’t even bother me.  As a mom, I’m constantly on the lookout for signs of sickness to keep Avery away from other kids so she doesn’t either get them sick, or get sick herself.  The drool and snot that magically make their way onto my clothes, various toys, and who knows where else, are surprisingly mobile.My husband just told me this morning how Avery cutely offered him her blanket as he went to get her up this morning. …

Thankful October is Over!

I’m still heeeeeeere!  We had a busy month of October.  Miss Avery turned one, and we celebrated with a birthday party for her.  We were super-occupied with stuff around the house and various work commitments, and I’m suddenly in charge of the newsletter for the mom’s group I joined (someone asked me to take it over on the very first day I joined), so I’ve been figuring that one out too.  So….I owe y’all some of my best September AND October recipes from my meal planning efforts.  I’ll get there.  I even took some pictures!  Not that my food photography looks *all* that tasty, but it gives a better idea of the recipe at least.Bear with me – posts are on the way!