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Jumping on the (Chalkboard) Wagon

Chalkboards were popular, like, 3 years ago.  I know.  I’m late to the party.  But three years ago, I had no need for a chalkboard and it would’ve been an odd little organizer with notes like “Next month: bread” or “Check milk box” literally every day of the week.Now, though, I have a use for a chalkboard!  I have a munchkin, we have a summer mommy-and-munchkin “bucket list”, and I’m keeping track of our activities as we cross them off.  And it was a cheap find too.  I found a $6 pink swirlygirly butterfly corkboard at HobLob……painted the cork front and back with homemade chalkboard paint, slapped some (leftover from the porch bench) mustard yellow over the frame, sanded it down and roughed it up, swiped some Restore-a-Finish (to give it a little depth) on top, and called it good.And, sorry, I’m not showing a whole lot of it at the moment, since it’s full of very identifiable places/things and I kinda like the idea that the whole world doesn’t know exactly where I live.  Or something …

In Which I Return to the Keyboard…and Steampunk?

So…..HI!  I say that a little sheepishly, because I’m slightly embarrassed.  I’ve been away much longer than I anticipated.  After my (shockingly distant) last post, I fully intended to start yakking at my favorite internet audience again.  Then at the last minute, I decided to pick up where I left off a couple years ago with a professional designation and try to wrap it up.  It took ALL my free time.  YUGG.  But, for now, I DO have free time again, and the wheels are a turnin’.  Not to say that I have a ton of time, but Avery is getting a little more independent and able to play by herself a little more.  Today, I was even able to cut some fabric while she played!!! <GASP!>  She only takes about an hour nap each day, so things get done bit by bit.I also have managed to start a cute, easy little project.  It started with a super clearance HobLob find and it just received its third coat of paint in the basement.  A little more paint, and it’s ready to go.On a mostly unrelated not…

And It Begins Again…!

Happy New Year!!Is your head full of new year’s resolutions?  Are you busting at the seams to get your new workout program going? Get your life organized? Streamline your finances?  Move? Travel? Do something different?Me too!  Well, not really the workout thing.  I’m not much of a worker-outer.  Walks with Avery in the stroller are good enough.  And not really the organization part either, since I can’t help but tackle most chaos as I encounter it throughout the year.  Sometimes I wish I had more scary closets to pounce on and organize.But….getting rid of some junk is on the list.  Going on a vacation is also on the list.  We didn’t go anywhere last year (other than a couple of weddings) so I think it should be a priority this year.  I’m kind of leaning toward the Seattle area.  Never been.  Sounds pretty.  Not too far.  It could be a winner!  But I’m only half of the decision, so we’ll see.Picking up my blog posting again after two crazy-busy months in which I completely neglected m…