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And It Begins Again…!

Happy New Year!!Is your head full of new year’s resolutions?  Are you busting at the seams to get your new workout program going? Get your life organized? Streamline your finances?  Move? Travel? Do something different?Me too!  Well, not really the workout thing.  I’m not much of a worker-outer.  Walks with Avery in the stroller are good enough.  And not really the organization part either, since I can’t help but tackle most chaos as I encounter it throughout the year.  Sometimes I wish I had more scary closets to pounce on and organize.But….getting rid of some junk is on the list.  Going on a vacation is also on the list.  We didn’t go anywhere last year (other than a couple of weddings) so I think it should be a priority this year.  I’m kind of leaning toward the Seattle area.  Never been.  Sounds pretty.  Not too far.  It could be a winner!  But I’m only half of the decision, so we’ll see.Picking up my blog posting again after two crazy-busy months in which I completely neglected m…