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In Which I Return to the Keyboard…and Steampunk?

So…..HI!  I say that a little sheepishly, because I’m slightly embarrassed.  I’ve been away much longer than I anticipated.  After my (shockingly distant) last post, I fully intended to start yakking at my favorite internet audience again.  Then at the last minute, I decided to pick up where I left off a couple years ago with a professional designation and try to wrap it up.  It took ALL my free time.  YUGG.  But, for now, I DO have free time again, and the wheels are a turnin’.  Not to say that I have a ton of time, but Avery is getting a little more independent and able to play by herself a little more.  Today, I was even able to cut some fabric while she played!!! <GASP!>  She only takes about an hour nap each day, so things get done bit by bit.I also have managed to start a cute, easy little project.  It started with a super clearance HobLob find and it just received its third coat of paint in the basement.  A little more paint, and it’s ready to go.On a mostly unrelated not…