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It Lives Again!

It Lives Again!

Is that an echo I hear?  No worries - I totally deserve it.  This blog has been on hiatus for....oh my. FIVE.YEARS.  !!??  Yes, that's right.  Sometimes we have to simplify, clear the clutter, and buckle down to focus on what's important, and while I know there are a TON of amazing moms out there who can mom, work, blog, and generally do it all (in full makeup, hair, and maybe even heels)...It turns out I'm not one of them.

My last post was in March of 2014, and my second daughter, Rosie, was born in April.  Cue my complete focus on functioning reasonably smoothly with a 2.5 year old and a newborn.  Clearly, the blog took a backseat.  At that time, I was also working part-time from home.  Keeping up with them and work took my entire focus, and that's ok.  As the girls got a little older, I found myself still deep in the trenches of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, and my focus remained away from blogging. Then we moved, had another baby, ...and life…