The quick story of our house and how we came to be DIY afficionados (on a budget!)
We're Nick and Katie, and we're 'young marrieds' on a budget and still having some DIY fun with our first house!  We're both "pushing 30"  (I swear just yesterday I was 20....), and we're smart and clueless at the same time. 

The greenhorn on our DIY team is our daughter Avery.  She's a great observer so far! 

Occasionally, we're also joined in our pursuits by "my" cat, Penny.  She and Nick are happy to stay out of each others' way, and as a result, she factors into quite a few design decisions in our house. 

Gotta have a few self-imposed challenges, right?

She's a tortoiseshell with some serious "Cattitude".  Like, everyone is afraid of her.

We bought our first house jumped headfirst into our first money pit in the summer of 2009 and quickly realized we fall into the category of "Budget-DIYers".  Bottom line? We're cheap and we're motivated!

Despite calling it a money pit (which it deserves occasionally), we do really like our house, I promise.

It's definitely got some things going for it, like a big backyard, an unfinished basement, a "moon roof" (skylights, actually), and, oh yes, the stairs are all intact and shouldn't be collapsing anytime soon.

Here's what it looked like when we first spotted it:

Our cheapskate projects started with figuring out painting and caulking (caulking is tricky, I swear...!), then we moved on to installing bead board and molding, renovating our kitchen cabinets, landscaping, furniture refinishing, various decor projects, a couple big projects with the help of contractors like a fireplace remodel and master bath renovation, and, most recently, we figured out how to tile a floor and shower, insulated and dry-walled our garage, and "designed" a nursery complete with teal walls and black crown molding.

Future projects will probably include rebuilding our (rotting, unfortunately) deck, finishing our basement, a laundry closet revamp, more crown molding here and there, some DIY furniture...and and and...

What can I say?  Our house likes attention, and we like dishing it out!

In between the big projects, I like to organize and reorganize, get a little crafty, try out new recipes, exercise the sewing machine and workout my greenish (maybe it's more yellowish) thumb in the garden, all of which you may have the distraction-satisfaction of hearing about if you hang around for any length of time.

Now...onward to the progress!  
(...and let's be honest, the occasional DIY dysfunction!)

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